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Translation of "Süß, Dein" in English

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Your girlfriend was clinging too much, Tim Tebow is sweet, yours Perfume, let me guess.
Your girlfriend's too clingy, Tim Tebow is handsome, you Sports...
Because your voice is like that sweet yours Lovely sight. '

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Sweetie yours Muffins are great.
She was like that sweet yours Sister.
Sweetie yours Dad used to be charming too.
Sweetie yours Parents aren't going anywhere while you're stuck here.
Honey, your parents aren't going anywhere as long as you're stuck here.
Sweetie yours Mom felt the same way about being Greek.
Sweetie yours Porter is wealthy!
Daddy - Excuse me, Honey, yours Mom misses you, but she just can't tell you.
Oh Sweetie yours Marriage will be, I'm sure of that.
Sweet, here is your Absinthe.
You are sweet, but yours Mother must be worried.
And right now, Sweet, are yours Chances are not the best.
And Sweet, wear your Hair open.
Sweet flower, your I sprinkle the wedding bed with flowers for you.
Sweet flower, with flowers thy bridal bed I strew.
Self Your sweet, little niece.
Sweetie yours Mother said your kidney was deformed?
Sweetie yours Daddy doesn't have time today, he's not doing well.
She endured yours charm, your sweetheart, yours Joy, your vitality, your clarity NOT. She did NOT endure anything that is so wonderful and beautiful, radiant, joyful and shining about you.
She could NOT bear your charm, your sweetness, your joy, your aliveness, your clarity. She could not stand ANYTHING that is so wonderfully and full of joy of life radiating from you.
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