What can we learn from Judaism

How do you become a Jew? Can you convert just like that?

Judaism does not proselytize

Judaism is not out to people who are not native Jews. somehow convince them to become Jewish. But if someone wants that on their own initiative, for example if someone has a Jewish partner and is ready to become Jewish so that the family is one later, then the Jews say: That's okay.

The child of a Jewish mother is Jewish from birth

However, the conversion can of course only be carried out on a religious basis, because then I can no longer change the mother. The son or daughter of a Jewish mother is automatically Jewish at birth. This is regardless of whether that person is a very devout person in their later life or not. This person is Jewish.

So you can only convert to Judaism on the religious level, but it's a long process. You have to learn a lot. A woman must show that she can run a kosher kitchen. If it's a man, he has to show that he's going to come along in the service. There are many requirements that are relevant in the narrower, religious sense and perhaps also in the legal sense.

Immersion bath and circumcision

If the candidate has passed the relevant examination in a court of three rabbis, the candidate receives the slip of paper with the stamp. If it's a female candidate, she'll take a dip once. If the candidate is male, medical circumcision will also be performed. By the time he or she has survived the whole procedure, both are one hundred percent accepted as members of the Jewish community and as Jews.