How does ginger help treat gas

Health: 10 positive effects of ginger

Ginger is a root with real miracle powers for health. We explain which ones here

Some love it, others hate it: we're talking about ginger.

Ginger - 10 positive effects of the miracle tuber

Those who hate it usually complain that the root is too sharp for them. Confessing ginger fans like the well-known TV chef Alfons Schuhbeck know: Ginger is only spicy when used fresh. If ginger is heated, the hot gingerol is transformed into the sweet-tasting zingeron. A few slices of ginger brewed into a ginger tea turn the liquid fire in the mouth into a mild, spicy drink. But it's not just the taste that speaks in favor of the tropical root, ginger also has a variety of positive effects on the body.

The 10 most important effects, we have put together here:

1.) Ginger helps with weight loss

Using ginger in your meal or drinking ginger tea before you eat stimulates the pancreas. This means that the meal is digested better and processed more effectively. In addition, ginger boosts fat burning. The substances contained in ginger ensure that body weight is reduced by burning fat and not by breaking down water. For this reason, ginger is often found as part of a detox diet.

2.) Ginger helps against nausea

Ginger soothes the stomach and thus helps against nausea. This effect can help pregnant women in particular if they suffer from nausea during pregnancy. The natural remedy through the ginger root thus leads to an overall increase in well-being.

3.) Ginger helps against seasickness, arthritis and asthma

Even at sea, ginger helps relieve nausea by calming the stomach. A cup of ginger tea before the anchors are lifted lets you set sail in a relaxed manner.

Ginger is also used against arthritis and asthma. Its anti-inflammatory effects help reduce symptoms and pain.

4.) Ginger helps with heartburn and sinus infections

One of the ways ginger soothes the stomach is by reducing excess acid in the stomach. In addition, the essential oils in ginger ensure that the sinuses are opened and the secretion that clogs them can drain away.

5.) Ginger for bad breath

It is not for nothing that the Japanese eat pickled ginger, the so-called "gari", between the individual sushi courses. Ginger clears the mouth of the taste of the food and freshens the breath. A cup of ginger tea or a glass of ginger water before going to bed also removes excess gas build-up. So not only does ginger smell good, it also makes you smell good.

6.) Ginger stabilizes blood sugar levels and improves nutrient absorption

Do you often have food cravings or a lunchtime depression? Then ginger can help. Ginger stimulates the blood circulation and ensures a more stable blood sugar level. In addition, ginger ensures that nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are better absorbed so that they can give the body additional momentum.

7.) Ginger helps regenerate muscles

By stimulating the blood circulation, ginger also helps with sore muscles. Tired muscles are supplied with nutrients faster and better and thus recover better from a hard training session. This also allows you to get back to exercise more quickly, which is healthy for the body and good for weight loss.

8.) Ginger as an aphrodisiac

Another positive side effect of stimulating the blood circulation is the effect on the love life. Both men and women benefit from the better blood circulation in the body and thus also in very specific regions.

9.) Ginger helps against cancer and Alzheimer's

Crazy but true: studies have shown that ginger prevents the formation of cancer cells and even destroys them. In ovarian cancer in particular, the effect and aggressiveness of cancer cells was reduced. While it destroys cancer cells, ginger also prevents brain cells from dying and protects against Alzheimer's.

10.) Ginger stabilizes the immune system

It has long been known that ginger strengthens the immune system and thus prevents diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties also ensure that existing diseases are cured more quickly. Especially in the cold season, you should increase your ginger consumption.

Recipe tips for ginger tea or ginger water

For one mild ginger tea just cut a few slices from the root and scald with boiling water.

For one flavorful ginger tea cook the ginger slices in a saucepan for a couple of minutes. So that the water can dissolve the ingredients of the ginger more quickly, you can also grated the ginger in the pot. Also, remember: The longer you cook the ginger, the milder and sweeter the taste, but the more the ginger's positive properties are lost.

There are no limits to your imagination: With the ginger you can, for example, cook two cinnamon sticks or a sprig of fresh mint. If you add the juice of a lemon after cooking, you have a warming and even healthier variant of the "hot lemon".

If you let the ginger tea cool or add water to it, you have ginger water. Especially for those who find still water too plain, the ginger water is a welcome and healthy change.

Tip for summer: cook one with a handful of ginger and brown sugar Ginger syrup a. When stored in a dark and cool place, it lasts almost indefinitely and is filled with sparkling water, garnished with a slice of lime and ice cubes, if you have one refreshing ginger lemonade. Delicious and healthy!