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Re-registration date for the winter semester 2021/2022

June 15, 2021 - June 30, 2021

Stud.IP note instead of payment cards

Please notice that no more payment cards are sent. Before the re-registration period begins, you will receive a notification from Stud.IP about the upcoming re-registration. We will no longer send any payment reminders by post in paper form, but by e-mail to your student e-mail address.

The transfer process

So that we can successfully assign your transfer, you must note the following on the transfer:

  1. You need your Matriculation number and your `s Names State the purpose in line 1 (matriculation number, surname, first name).
  2. In the second line of the purpose of payment you have to enter the semester for which you are re-registering.

Bank details for the re-registration

  • State upper treasury in Landshut for the University of Passau
  • BayernLB Munich
  • Purpose of payment Line 1: matriculation number, surname, first name
  • Purpose of payment line 2: WiSe 2021/2022
  • IBAN (international account number): DE12 7005 0000 1401 1903 15
  • SWIFT-BIC (international bank code): BYLADEMM

Validation of the CampusCard (student ID)

Every semester you have to give your CampusCard, i.e. your student ID, a new validity date at a validation station. The old date is deleted during the validation process and the new validity date is printed. Your CampusCard is not valid without a validity date, e.g. B. as ID for exams or as a bus ticket.

  • Freshmen can use the cardright away after receiving validate.
  • Second- and higher semesters can use the cardapprox. 10 days before the start of the semester for the respective semester validate.

Validation station locations

  • Administration building (on the ground floor)
  • Cafeteria foyer
  • Faculty of Business and Economics building
  • Nicholas Monastery

BAföG further funding

please put in time a request for further funding (Form 1) in order to avoid unnecessary interruptions in the monthly payment. The application should be submitted two months before the end of the last / current approval period. The BAföG will then continue to be paid after the last notification of approval (subject to the reimbursement) until the notification for the new application is issued.

Deadlines for further funding

  • For the summer semester: January 31
  • For the winter semester: July 31

As a general rule, you should submit your application as early as possible. The entry postmark is decisive. You can obtain further information from the Office for Education Funding.