What are the worst brands of diapers

Kassensturz tests - These diapers are cheap and good

A child needs an average of more than 5000 diapers to dry. A big item in the household budget. The price differences are also huge: disposable diapers cost between 19 and 54 cents each.

«Kassensturz» had 12 of the best-selling diapers in Switzerland in the Maxi size tested - in the laboratory and in a practical test. The test institute is the IPI laboratory in Stuttgart. There the diapers go through a laboratory and a practical test.

The test winners are the market leaders and the most expensive diapers in the test: Pampers active fit 54 cents each and Pampers Baby Dry, 44 cents.

However, there are also cheaper alternatives. The three cheapest diapers with a rating of “good” are: Toujours from Lidl (19 cents) as well as diapers from Aldi, Denner and Prix-Garantie from Coop (all 20 cents).

The losers in the test are the Volg diapers family price (25 cents) and the M-Budget baby diapers (19 cents). Both received the grade “sufficient”. Both of these provide insufficient protection against urine leakage on the abdomen and legs. They have the worst grades both in the laboratory and in practice. Volg and Migros do not comment.

So was tested

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Test criteria laboratory:

-How much urine can the diapers hold?
-How quickly do you suck up the urine?
-Are the diapers dry afterwards? Or do they stay wet when peed on?

Test criteria practical test:

-Seat the diaper
- Moisture absorption