Instagram is growing in popularity

The current edition of the "Digital Marketing Benchmarks 2020" shows that search engines are still the most popular paid channel for companies. Instagram is on the rise. No other social network has achieved such great growth compared to the previous year.

Digital marketing offers companies the opportunity to make individual offers to consumers based on their data. How German-speaking companies are positioned in digital marketing is being investigated by the German Dialog Marketing Association in cooperation with the consulting company absolit Dr. Schwarz Consulting in the study "Digital Marketing Benchmarks 2020", the second edition of which has now been published.

The results of the study show that the use of multichannel marketing has increased by ten percent compared to the previous year. For B2B, IT and media companies it is even 13 percent more than in 2019. Nevertheless, four out of ten companies still refrain from using a combination of social media marketing, email marketing, search engine advertising and active lead generation reach and bind.

A similarly large growth with a plus of nine percent can also be seen in the use of SEA. Search engines therefore remain the most popular paid channel, no other online channel is used so often to place paid advertisements: With a usage rate of 69 percent (previous year: 60 percent), "Search" is way ahead of Facebook, Instagram or display advertising.

Instagram is becoming more attractive

Nevertheless, more and more companies are using Instagram. No other social network has achieved such great growth compared to the previous year. Instagram usage increased 14 percent among the top 5,000 companies.

But video content is also very popular with companies: 92 percent of companies operate a YouTube channel. Another 53 percent of those who are active on Instagram use IGTV to address their target groups with video content.

"With the second edition of this study, we now for the first time get a direct comparison of how the digital marketing of companies has changed within a year. The results show: Multichannel marketing is far from standard - mind you in 2020. There is so there is still a lot of room for improvement in digital marketing, "says DDV President Martin Nitsche.

The most important results at a glance (previous year's figures in brackets):

  • 59 percent (49 percent) use multichannel marketing.
  • 78 percent place online ads.
  • 69 percent (60 percent) book paid keywords on search engines.
  • 91 percent (81 percent) send out a newsletter.
  • 27 percent (24 percent) use a professional automation framework.
  • 92 percent (87 percent) have their own YouTube channel.
  • 89 percent (84 percent) have their own Facebook page.
  • 71 percent (67 percent) have their own Instagram profile.
  • 68 percent (72 percent) have a Xing page that is actively maintained.