What is a line item in SAP

SAP: Solve the error No amount authorization for customers / suppliers in company code message F5155

Error F5155 may appear if the tolerance group for the user group to which you are assigned has not been properly defined and you are trying to enter an incoming invoice for this company code.

This SAP error is not difficult to fix, but it does require you to adapt the access to the SPRO IMG. This can only be done by users with access such as functional advisors or system administrators.

If this is the case, if you have SAP IDES access or some other SAP test environment, let's see how you can fix the F5155 error message.

Error: No quantity authorization for customers / suppliers in the company code

When entering an incoming invoice in transaction MIRO (entering the incoming invoice transaction), the error No amount authorization for customer suppliers in the company may appear when trying to save basic data for this invoice.

It will show up on the info bar at the bottom of the SAP screen and will require custom access to be resolved.

First, let's look at the error message by double-clicking the error.

SAP error message F5155

The error message F5155 indicates that you are not assigned to a user group and therefore do not have any valid amount authorization: Bills are limited by this amount setting for each user group.

Without a user group assigned to a SAP user, the value selected for the empty user applies. It is possible that an amount has not yet been set up for the empty user.

SAP error message F5155: no amount authorization for customer / vendor line items has been specified in company code PL01 for the user group to which you are assigned. Provided that you are not explicitely assigned to a user group, the amount authorization to group blank is valid.

Create a tolerance group for users

To solve this problem, first open the transaction SPRO IMG, navigate to Material Management> Check Logistics Invoice> Authorization Management and open the settings for there Tolerance groups define.

Then check whether a tolerance group exists for the specified company code. If not, click the icon to create a new tolerance group and enter the company code for which the tolerance group needs to be created.

Change the FI tolerance group view

After the tolerance group for the company code has been created, you can select the different tolerances that apply to the group for the company code, as well as the currency in which it applies.

Upper limits for booking procedures

  • Amount per document
  • Amount per account item with an open item
  • Discount per line item
  • permissible payment difference for income in the amount, percent and discount
  • permissible payment difference for expenses in the amount, percent and discount

After saving you return to the list of Tolerance groups for users per company code and can visualize the newly created tolerance group.

Save and transport the tolerance group

The final step is to get the Tolerance groups for users to save, including new ones you just created, before you can proceed with billing.

However, after you have clicked the Save button, a final step is carried out: you will be asked for a transport order, and then you can return to creating the MIRO invoice transaction!