Cockroaches are bad for a newborn

Police: "They pretended it wasn't anything bad" | Mother let baby (†) from
Nibble on cockroaches

It is a horrible idea! A mother is said to have let cockroaches nibble on her little baby!

Bartlesville, Oklahoma - Brittany Cherokee called Dawn Bell at the Bartlesville Police Station earlier this year. Her five-month-old daughter Alice is no longer breathing. When the officers arrived at the home, the lifeless child was lying on the floor.

There were numerous cockroaches crawling on his body!

As reported by the Daily News, the baby's legs and face were covered with many small cuts. But on closer inspection it became clear to the investigators: There were no cuts, but bites! Cockroach bites! The child had apparently been nibbled on by the insects. These are said to have attacked the family's apartment for a long time. A scary thought ...

Bell told investigators that she only fell asleep briefly on the sofa. Little Alice is said to have been lying on the floor only a few meters away from her. When the mother woke up, her daughter was no longer breathing.

According to police, Bell said that her two 18-month-old twins accidentally sat on the infant. So the little one suffocated. But coroners could not determine the exact cause of death. The 27-year-old mother was arrested anyway. The charge is: neglect of child welfare. Not murder.

Shortly after the tragic death, the mother seemed "almost amused" to the officers!

“She was joking. Almost as if the whole thing wasn't a big deal for them, ”the police said, according to“ NewsOn6 ”.

In the past, the officers had been guests of the mother several times. Reason: The child's well-being is said to have been in danger several times. In December last year, the children were found alone and crying with a neighbor for a long time. When the police arrived, the mother returned five minutes later. She was more than surprised that she couldn't leave her children at home alone.

"She pretended it wasn't bad."

After the fatal incident of their youngest child in January, the two 18-month-old twins were taken from their mother. Incidentally, the 27-year-old is said to have two more children. They no longer live with their birth mother, custody had been withdrawn from her!

They too had cockroaches with them

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