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Video doorbells

How does a video doorbell work?

Video doorbells are connected to your WiFi and to your smartphone via the associated app. If the bell is pressed, you will receive a notification on your smartphone and see live through the camera who has just rang the bell. In models with night vision, the whole thing also works in the dark.

Functions of a video doorbell

Video doorbells come with a variety of useful features:

2-way communication: With 2-way communication, you can use your smartphone as an intercom. You can see on the screen who is at your door. It even works on the go. For example, you let the courier know where to put your parcel.

Motion detection: Video doorbells with motion detection automatically start a video recording when they detect movement in front of the door. Look at the recordings in the evening and you can keep track of what is happening on your doorstep.

Vibration sensor: Notice the ringing of the bell with a shock sensor when there is a knock on the door. You will then also receive a notification on your smartphone.

Mute: If you want to have some peace and quiet or if your child is sleeping, you simply mute the video doorbell. If you wish, you will continue to receive notifications on your smartphone so that you do not miss anything.

Voice assistants: If you connect a video doorbell to a smart speaker, the respective voice assistant will notify you when someone is at the door.

Doorbell: There is also a doorbell to go with the video doorbells, so that it continues to ring audibly when someone rings the doorbell. This is usually available separately. The door chime is simply plugged into the socket and you set the ringtone and volume in the app.

Installation of a video doorbell

Installation is straightforward. The bell is attached wirelessly to the outside of the door, wall or mailbox. The only important thing is that it is within WiFi range. If you don't want to install an additional doorbell, you can choose a model that can be integrated into the existing bell system. It is connected to the bell wire and receives its power via the cable. But that remains purely optional. For doors with a peephole, there are special video doorbells that are mounted over the peephole so that you can continue to use it. Once the bell is installed, you connect it to the app. Your video doorbell is ready to use.

Video doorbell batteries - monitoring without a power connection The video doorbells all have built-in batteries so that they can be freely attached. The latest models can also be permanently installed and connected with a power cable. But these bells also work on batteries. A charge usually lasts 6 to 12 months. So that the bell does not just stay silent because the battery is empty, you will always receive a notification on your smartphone when the battery level is low.