How is the God of Abraham

Keyword: God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

The designation "the God of Jacob" is often synonymous with "the God of Israel", because Jacob himself also bears the name "Israel" (Genesis 32:29) and, according to biblical tradition, his twelve sons are the twelve tribes of People of Israel emerged.

At the same time, in the designation "God of Jacob" - as well as in the corresponding designations "God of Abraham" (Genesis 24:12), "God of Abraham and Isaac" (Genesis 28:13) and "God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ”(Exodus / Exodus 3,6) - expresses the special personal loyalty between God and the three ancestors of the people of Israel. God blessed Abraham and promised him that a great people would arise from his descendants (Genesis 12: 2). This blessing also applies to Abraham's son Isaac (Genesis 25:11). God renews his promise to Abraham's grandson Jacob (Genesis 28: 12-15) and Jacob experiences in a special way how this promise is fulfilled.

Nickname of the Israelite progenitor Jakob. As a common name, it refers to the entire twelve-tribes people.
Ancestor of the people of Israel. His name means "father of a great number".
The name means "he (God) laughs (kindly)".
Special care of God for his creatures, through which he gives them strength, life and well-being.