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Registration of a used vehicle imported from another EU country / EEA

A used vehicle is to be registered that was acquired in a state of the European Union (EU) or a signatory to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA).

Vehicles that have already been registered are considered used vehicles.

Admission depends on the participation in the SEPA direct debit procedure being declared in the case of tax liability, i.e. the specification of bank details is mandatory!

It is possible to reserve a license plate of your choice for the vehicle - provided that the license plate is free and available.

It should be noted that in addition to administration fees, there are also costs for the license plates. In principle, all documents are required in the original.

It is also pointed out that for applicants who do not reside in Germany, the data of an authorized recipient residing in Berlin or residing in Germany and residing in Berlin must be proven and recorded.

Note: By registering the vehicle in Berlin, a notification is sent to the country of origin. If the vehicle has not yet been de-registered in the country of origin, the owner is responsible for this.


  • The vehicle was already registered in the EU / EEA.

Required documents

  • completed application for admission
  • SEPA direct debit mandate
  • Purchase contract / invoice
  • electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB)
  • Identity card or passport with registration certificate (or officially certified copy)
  • foreign registration certificate / s
  • Submission of the foreign license plate (s) for registered vehicles (if available)
    You will usually receive this back so that you can deregister your vehicle in the country of origin, if necessary.
  • For type-approved vehicles, please provide the technical data with a COC paper (EC certificate of conformity) / a data confirmation from the manufacturer.
  • Proof of a valid general inspection according to § 29 StVZO. This can be dispensed with if you have a general inspection from the factory due to the small age of the vehicle. For a car, for example, 3 years from the date of first registration.
  • For vehicles without a type approval, an expert opinion according to § 21 StVZO is necessary (not older than 18 months). This report includes a general inspection.
  • In the case of admission to companies, an extract from the commercial register and the identification document of an authorized signatory of the company must be submitted (a copy is permitted).
  • For tradespeople, the business registration and an original identification document must be submitted. If there are several traders, all original identification documents must be presented.
  • In the case of associations, an extract from the register of associations must be submitted, as well as the original identification documents of the authorized representatives.
  • If an authorized person calls in, a power of attorney is required and an original ID document


EUR 31.50 to EUR 104.10 per expenditure

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