When does Ramadan start in 2019

Ramadan 2019 begins in Germany: Muslims in North Rhine-Westphalia also fast

From morning to evening nothing to eat or drink: This is the life of many Muslims in the fasting month of Ramadan. For which believers the law of fasting does not apply.

In Ramadan, many of the around 1.5 million Muslims in North Rhine-Westphalia will also forego eating and drinking during the day from Monday. The spiritual fasting month until June 3rd serves for reflection and should also be used to help those in need, says the spokeswoman for the Coordination Council of Muslims (KRM), Nurhan Soykan.

How many Muslims fast is unclear

How many of the estimated five million Muslims nationwide forego food and drinks from dawn to sunset cannot be quantified. "The majority of the Muslims will probably take part," says Soykan. The KRM brings together the four largest Islamic associations, the Central Council of Muslims (ZMD), Ditib, the VIKZ cultural association and the Islamic Council.

The mosque communities traditionally also invite neighbors or those in need to break the fast every evening - iftar. In the past, around 1,000 people ate together in the central mosque in Cologne.

Christians also come to break the fast

For some years now, representatives of Christian churches, society and politics have been coming to the Iftar. This year, the Federal Association of Ditib - the largest Islamic organization in Germany - invites you to Cologne on May 10th.

The Islamic law of fasting does not apply to the sick, physically hard-working people, pregnant women or children. With a view to possible hot, dry days, Soykan emphasized that according to Islamic rule, fasting should not have any negative physical consequences. Doctors repeatedly point out that not using water for hours, especially in warm weeks, can be harmful to the health of adolescents in particular.