Growing Antifa in 2019

Left-wing extremist violence is escalating : Four attacks with incendiary devices and explosives since New Year's Eve

The danger of left-wing extremist terror continues to grow. Since New Year's Eve, perpetrators from the autonomous scene have allegedly carried out four attacks.

The most recent attack occurred in Thuringia. On Monday night, an explosive device exploded at a meeting point for right-wing extremists in Eisenach, breaking several windows. The perpetrator (s) sprayed the slogan “Fight Nazis Everyday” on the facade of the “Bull’s Eye” bar. The police cleared the house. An Antifa group had already stormed the restaurant in October 2019 and injured several guests.

On the night of last Saturday, ten transport vehicles and a trailer went up in flames on the premises of the Lower Saxony State Reception Authority (LAB) in Braunschweig. The property damage amounts to half a million euros. A simultaneous attack on a LAB building in Hanover failed, the incendiary devices did not ignite. The authority is the point of contact for asylum seekers and is also responsible for executing returns.

An anonymous group claimed responsibility for the attacks on the left-wing extremist Internet portal “” with the words, “We attacked the murderous deportation system”. After the attacks, State Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) warned, "We are seeing a strong radicalization of the scene in Lower Saxony, which is developing into a terrorist structure".

The mouthpiece for militancy also remains in place despite state repression. The ban, with which the then Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU) silenced the platform "linksunten.indymedia" in 2017, has long been undermined by "".

Call for attacks on the state

In Leipzig, left-wing extremists set seven Bundeswehr SUVs on fire on New Year's Eve. The vehicles were destroyed, the flames damaged others. In this case, too, a letter of confession appeared at “”. The perpetrators called themselves "Happy New Fear" and announced "To a fighting year 2021".

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Just hours before the attack, "autonomous groups" had announced an "offensive year 2021" at Indymedia. The manifesto was apparently aimed at the autonomous scene nationwide. Call for "attacks on the state, its repression organs and judicial institutions" Sentence, the left-wing extremists say “prison profiteers, immigration authorities and private security services are going to war.” The attacks that followed in Leipzig, Braunschweig, Hanover and Eisenach are apparently part of a left-wing extremist militancy offensive.

Figurehead of the Autonomous in custody

The autonomous scene is even more furious than usual. A figurehead, the student Lina E. from Leipzig, has been in custody since November 2020. The federal prosecutor's office is investigating them and other autonomous groups on suspicion of membership in a criminal organization. Lina E. is said to have been the leader of the group that attacked the "Bull's Eye" in Eisenach in October 2019. The bomb attack on the restaurant on Monday is apparently a revenge for the imprisonment of Lina E.

In the letter of confession to the arson attack on the Bundeswehr vehicles in Leipzig, "Freedom for Lina" is also demanded. The security authorities consider the city's autonomous scene to be currently the most aggressive left-wing extremist spectrum in the Federal Republic.

Boris Pistorius, spokesman for the heads of departments from the SPD at the conference of interior ministers, has little hope that the militant left-wing extremism could be contained quickly. "We perceive at the state and federal level that left-wing extremism has generally become more violent in recent years and that there are more violent people," said Pistorius on Monday the Tagesspiegel. This scene is also "very closed, there are about a few dropouts, that makes prevention work difficult". Pistorius announced that at the next meeting of the interior ministers 'conference in June, violence-oriented left-wing extremism would be discussed just as intensively as it was now at the ministers' meeting in December, which was mainly virtual due to Corona.

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