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Your advantages

  • Deposit of coins with no effort
  • Personal support in advisory centers and branches
  • Available in all advisory centers and branches

You can hand in the coins you have collected in a sealable plastic bag - a so-called safebag - to be credited to your account. Safebags are available free of charge in the advisory centers and branches.

Easy delivery

In just five short steps to successfully handing in your Safebag:

  1. Bring a money box or take an empty safebag from your advisory center or branch.
  2. Fill in the front of the bag.
  3. Fill in coins (please no notes / banknotes, foreign currency or other items).
  4. Close the bag with the adhesive tape provided.
  5. Hand in the Safebag at the cash register or to a service employee and keep the acknowledged tear-off slip as a receipt.

Important for her

What you should definitely know about your Safebag handover:

  • Label the safebag before you fill in the coins.
  • Make sure that the information is clearly legible and that the account number is correct.
  • Close the safebag carefully with the integrated adhesive tape. We ask for caution, as the adhesive tape sticks very strongly and can only be used once.


The offer is chargeable for corporate and commercial customers, the self-employed and municipalities. Your advisor or the staff in your advisory center or branch will be happy to tell you the costs.

The service is free of charge for private customers and associations.

FAQ questions and answers


An overview of frequently asked questions about Safebag and coins can be found here:

Why are we switching to Safebag?

European banks and savings banks are subject to new requirements when accepting your coins:

Since the beginning of 2015, all coins have to be individually checked for authenticity and fitness
become. With this measure, the European Central Bank wants to reduce the volume of counterfeit money.

For this reason, we only accept coins unrolled in the safebag. Current prices can be found in our list of prices and services, which is available in all advisory centers and branches, or please ask your customer advisor.

The credit is made to your account at Sparkasse Westerwald-Sieg after central machine counting and checking of the coins.

Information from the Deutsche Bundesbank

Which coins can I put in the safebag?

Please fill exclusively Euro coins in the safebag. Unfortunately, we cannot credit your account with foreign currencies or DM coins.

You can hand in foreign currency at a travel bank branch.

The coins (foreign currencies / DM coins / unfit coins) which are sorted out by the machines may no longer be put into circulation by us. In order to keep the additional effort as low as possible, these coins are not collected separately but only separated according to the above-mentioned currencies. DM coins and foreign currencies are used for charitable purposes (UNICEFF). The unfit coins (scrap coins, damaged and dirty coins) will be destroyed by the Bundesbank without replacement.

Where can I drop off my Safebags?

It is possible to hand it in to the employees in the advisory centers and branches during opening hours.

Do I have to roll my loose coins?

No, just fill the unsorted euro coins into the safebag and close it with the integrated adhesive tape.

When will the amount be credited to my account?

As a rule, the credit is issued within about a week. At some advisory centers and branches, the value transport company will arrive at longer intervals. This means that the credit can also be issued later. Please be patient.

Important for you: The credit is made with the value date of the payment date!

Can I only hand in Safebags in person?

No, someone else is welcome to deliver a safebag on your behalf as a messenger. In these cases, please pay particular attention to correct labeling.

How much does it cost to hand in a Safebags?

The offer is chargeable for corporate and commercial customers, the self-employed and municipalities. Your advisor or the staff in your advisory center or branch will be happy to tell you the costs.

The service is free of charge for private customers and associations.

Are there any weight or quantity restrictions?

Each Safebag can be filled up to the dashed line (max. 4 kg).

Is it possible as a foreign customer to make a coin deposit?

No, we only offer this service to our customers. Please contact your house bank or open an account with us.

Can I also use a safebag from other institutes?

No, please only use our company's Safebag.

When will I find out how much money was in my Safebag?

You can find out the exact value of your deposit when it is credited to your account.

Can I put rolls in the safebag?

No. Please only fill loose euro coins into the safebag.

How do I close the Safebag?
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