Excited about something immature

Translation of "over-excited" in German

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I guess I got a bit over-excited.
I know I got a little over-excited.
All the classics, from classic to over-excited, just now and here.
The babies have immature powers of regulation, are over-excited, and react to the slightest stimulus.
The infants have an immature regulation, are overexcited and react to the smallest stimuli.
Don't get over-excited, he's usually very friendly.
Anantherum muricatum and other grasses for mild forms of ADHD in over-excited and allergic children.
Anantherum muricatum and other grasses for mild forms of ADHD, overexcited and allergic children.
Well, I got over-excited, but you have to admit, that's an excellent impersonation.
Well, I have exaggerated, but you have to admit it was an excellent impersonation.
A plant as claimed in either of claims 25 or 26, characterized in that it has 100% overload capacity at nominal voltage, nominal power factor and at over-excited surgery.
System according to one of claims 25 or 26, characterized in that it has an overload capacity of 100% at nominal voltage, nominal power and overexcited Operation.
Usually he followed the tip, even to running over the backs of the sheep. Sometimes he became over-excited and appeared to lose his self-control.
Usually Mitch Tip followed, even when running over the backs of the sheep. Sometimes he was overzealous and seemed to be losing control of himself.
It helps us to overcome stress and anxiety, and being over-excited, spaced-out, or emotionally agitated.
It helps us and doesn't help us overcome stress and anxiety profuselyto be aloof or emotionally agitated.
They were over-excited and shouted, "Song Xu, we've finally got you!"
I have been completely over-excited.
We're both a little over-excited.
I hate to interrupt you, we are both just something excited.
SERRA: To those who don't pick up on the sign of the times and want to get everything ... they get over-excited.
SERRA: To those who do not know how to read the signs of the times, who want everything ... to themselves get carried away.
The solenoid valve according to any of the preceding claims, characterized in that the electromagnet is adapted to be driven in an over-excited manner via at least two-stage electronic circuit integrated in the valve.
The drinks are not cheap but the atmosphere will quickly make you forget this aspect and anyway, it's also at the bar where the over-excited barmen put on their show!
The drinks are not cheap, but the ambience overlooks this aspect, and finally there is also at the bar with the Mix feverishly Bartenders something to see!
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