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In Korea, the counting of time does not start with the birth of a child, but also counts the nine months in the womb. While in Germany the 1st birthday is a very special day in the life of a newborn, Koreans celebrate the 100th day after the birth of a baby as its 1st birthday (the new months in the womb are added to the 100 days after the birth) . This day is traditionally celebrated with a big family party.

On "Seollal", the Korean New Year's Day, everyone Koreans a year older.
However, this day does not have a fixed date, but is determined according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It always falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20 of the Gregorian calendar and thus on the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar. "Seollal" is an official holiday in North and South Korea.

What is not welcome in our western culture is the basis for treating each other with respect in Korea. In Korea it is perfectly okay to ask about the age of the other person at the first meeting, whereas we Germans find that rather unpleasant.
This information is important because there is no “you” or “you” in the Korean language. Rather, forms of politeness in Korean are expressed through a selection of titles and word endings (see: Honorifics). However, these can only be used if you know the age of your counterpart.

A little tip: if a Korean asks you your age, just tell him your year of birth - this will make it the easiest for him to find the right form of politeness for talking to you.

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