What is building management

What is facility management?

Both together, Facility and management describe the management and administration of buildings, facilities and facilities. Facility management includes the professional handling of secondary processes, i.e. processes that do not fall into the core business of an organization, but support it.

The definition of EN 15221-1 according to DIN is:

"Facility management, an integrated process to support and improve the effectiveness of the main activities of a company through the management and the provision of the agreed services to create the environment necessary for the achievement of the changing company goals."

If you look at the areas of competence that Facility Management deals with according to the IFMA (International Facility Management Association), you quickly understand why a high quality of training is required, which only an interdisciplinary course can deliver:

operation and maintenance

  • Real estate and real estate
  • Employee and environmental factors
  • Planning and project management
  • Facility function
  • financing
  • Quality assessment and innovation
  • communication
  • technology

Study at the HTW and Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin and become a facility manager!

Our graduates are prepared for a diverse professional field thanks to their interdisciplinary training spectrum and their process-oriented approach. The future customers of our facility managers rely on their decisions in the area of ​​real estate, corporate infrastructure and systems. Networked and solution-oriented thinking is just as much a part of facility managers as the ability to communicate professionally with owners, users, architects, civil engineers, utility and energy technicians, businesspeople, lawyers and other experts.