Why is art not uniquely human

"Art and

Afshin Derambakhsh
project Manager

I don't consider myself a writer, poet, artist, or speaker. As a lover of art, I work in this field and try as best I can to bring cultures and therefore people together. I see the point of art in informing society about certain topics that are less thought about: topics that are either rooted in people and their morals or in the culture of a country or religious motives. Ultimately, these issues are intertwined.

We know that "art" used to be understood in terms of technology and craft and that the artist was a person with technical and manual skills. It is such a realization that has led to the elevation of human morality. The artist is a person who first tells himself and then makes his work a benchmark and is receptive to admissible and inadmissible criticism. So it is that the artist has developed humanity and morality before presenting his work. It is therefore appropriate to look at two great artists from this perspective of humanity and morality: Hafez Schirazi and Günther Uecker.

Hafez is an incomparable artist who uses the art of poetry to express himself. He is a multi-layered person: poet, mystic, connoisseur of the Koran, Islamic legal scholar and scholar. In order to understand him, one must have had comparable spiritual experiences or at least have a little insight into his mental attitude. Hafez ’mysticism is unique. In his poems you can see his great mystical soul. A mysticism that made Hafez independent of fame and worldly titles. The mystical dimension of his art becomes clear in his language:

“When everything in your life is turned upside down
Have nothing in my heart that can turn you upside down
Hafez! When you have the desire for perfection
So you have to become the dust at the artist's altar.

Art and mysticism are closely linked, and you can understand that particularly well when you read Hafez ’poems and look at Uecker's works. As if Uecker had been in the company of Hafez when creating his work. I have known him for many years and describe him as follows:

People breathe to live

Günther Uecker breathes to show humanity. Günther Uecker is not only a man of art, poetry, philosophy or even mysticism, but a shining gateway to the universe. This incomparable openness enables the view of reality from a transcendental location, a place that rises above heaven and earth. From the fusion of the two, he has created an eternal literary work of art. Without a doubt, Günther Uecker is a pioneer of those artists who have succeeded in embarking on the path to "eternity" through "art and literature". He seems to be the forerunner of those geniuses who, with their words, make the universe pale in spite of its existence and vastness, with everything known and unknown in it, both desirable and undesirable. You are the chosen: it is not lavish praise to say that the earth rotates for them and the sun shines for them. It speaks of those incomparable pioneers who not only listen to the universe but through whom the universe speaks. Those who not only put their feet on the earth, but who are the feet of the earth, who lead the caravan to heaven. With the art they create with their hands, the passion they express through their lips and the light they carry in their hearts, they are without a doubt the embodiment of God in human form. The line of thought that is drawn in Günther Uecker's life and that has been passed on over the centuries from great souls and truth-seeking arts has now brought a new color to art:

"Mankind is the way of God".

This path is eternal and cannot be erased. Indeed, these convincing and stirring thoughts are contained in those roaring currents of life that flow into the minds and hearts. These rivers flow through the soul and enliven it. Because in it the "water of life" flows. Unsurprisingly, we consider the residents along this river to be life-giving and vigilant beings who are on their way to a summit whose residents see the supernatural in nature and recognize a universe that differs from that moves eternity towards the origin and not the other way around.

Art and humanity, the speakers and hearers of life and truth, are the true narrators of Uecker's reality. By means of art he has succeeded in penetrating thoughts, songs and worries and in transferring the message of his heart with the pen on paper, in notebooks and books, as beauty and light to all hearts. This spiritual message is not only that of mysticism and philosophy but comes from the text of life: “Bowing down to truths which, although they can be denied, cannot be erased. This message is intended to pave the way so that heaven can come down to earth and earth can rush to heaven. It is a message that recognizes that man cannot be reduced to anything and that no time or place can be expanded to the point where it can swallow or spill man; provided that it is his wish. We are talking about a man standing on the highest peak: a peak that marks a transition. He moves from a glittering peak in a direction in which all or many currents flow: to the human spirit and to surrender to a single all-embracing truth.