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5 games to play online with your friends

Are you missing the good old game night? Sitting at the table with friends, playing a few board games and drinking a beer on the side - you can now do that from home too! We have selected some games on the internet that you can easily play online with your friends:

🎲 U.N.

The popular card game “UNO” is now also available as an app! The card game has new rules, tournaments and challenges in the app. You can play it in classic UNO mode, but also with completely new rules. In the app you can play “UNO” against your friends, but you can also join forces in teams in “2 on 2” mode. Here you get to the game in the App Store or to the game in the browser.

🎲 City-Country-River

Everyone knows the game: “City, Country, River”! In the vast expanse of the Internet, you can now play that online without any problems. And the best thing about it: You can choose as many unusual categories as you want. In addition to the classic categories of city, country and river, there are also, for example, “things you do every day”, “murder weapon”, “toys in the happy meal” or “films”. You can then invite your friends to play along with a link. Here you come to the website.

🎲 Sink ships

Everyone probably knows the concept of the classic game “Sink Ships”: To guess where your opponent's ships are and to bring them down! The classic is now also available in the digital version for at home. You can play against your friends in multiplayer mode. Click here for the app in the App Store.

🎲 monopoly

In the paid app, the game board comes to life in the “Monopoly” game! You can find the game for € 4.49 in the App Store. Buy, trade and sell to win! The popular board game is now available for mobile phones and tablets. You can play the Hasbro game alone or with family or friends. You can find the game here.

🎲 Mill

You can now play the board game “Mill” for free on the iPhone and iPad. By forming so-called mills, i.e. three stones in a row, you have to remove as many opposing stones as possible from the game. You can also block the opponent by clever, strategic action so that he can no longer make moves. Go to the game here.

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