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Chegg you the yellow of the egg: Grazer launches first online insurance comparison in Austria - BILD (web)

Graz (OTS) - The Graz insurance broker Selsa Intelligence AG is launching the first online insurance comparison in Austria with the internet portal For the first time, every consumer has the opportunity to objectively compare the Austrian insurance market. More than 500 insurance products from the motor vehicle and building sectors can be compared at and can be taken out online. As of July,'s offering will be expanded to include personal insurance.

The sale of insurance is increasingly shifting to the Internet

Studies by the German market research institute "Forit" have shown that more than 50 percent of Internet users already find out about their insurance matters on the Internet. In the United States, 50 percent of insurance business is already done over the Internet.

A personalized comparison of all relevant insurance providers on a single website - including the inclusion of all possible discounts and additional offers - has not yet existed.

Thomas Lang, CEO of "For the first time, our database takes into account all of the customer's special requests when calculating. This makes unique in Europe".

Enormous savings potential for consumers

"A product comparison with shows that every consumer can easily save a few thousand schillings a year", Lang continues. "In some cases we have even found potential savings of up to 60 percent with the same insurance benefit."

A 10 percent market share in online insurance is targeted

All insurance policies offered for comparison at can also be taken out online.

Thomas Lang: "The economic goal of is to achieve a market share of 10% of all insurance policies taken out by Austrians on the Internet in the medium term.

As a special additional service, offers a policy manager. This makes it possible to manage all insurance companies and their data online. The policy manager gives the customer an overview of the costs, regularly suggests cheaper insurance and manages all insurance that has already been taken out. If desired, this manager will inform you by e-mail about the possible time of a change and provide the most interesting offers on a daily basis.

The quick and uncomplicated processing of insurance claims in the event of damage is guaranteed. A personal account manager takes care of the claims handling. If there are problems with an insurance company, offers its customers a unique service: regular customers can even enjoy free legal representation through if necessary to enforce their claims.

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