What is an albatross in the Gulf

Golf rating Albatros or Double Eagle

Saved three hits

If you can play a golf course on the golf course with one stroke less than intended, you will be happy about the birdie. Great joy arises when you can even save two hits. In this rarer case, one speaks of an eagle. An eagle is also given, for example, if you were able to achieve a hole-in-one on a par 3 hole, i.e. the hole with the first stroke.

What is albatross in golf?

In very rare cases it is possible to save three strokes. This is no longer possible with par 3, excluded with par 4, but with Par 5 it can happen that you can pocket the ball with two hits. If this is the case, then one speaks of one Double eagle or from an albatross. Such a result is an expression of the fact that instead of five you only needed two strokes from the tee to the hole, whereby such results usually happen by chance, you cannot plan them.

An albatross is given if you could get very close to the flag with the tee shot and punched in with the approach shot. There are certainly shorter par 5 holes that are not that much longer than those that are intended as par 4. If you have two perfect strokes to offer, it can happen that you get a message that the ball has gone into the hole. Actually, the goal was to bring the golf ball as close as possible to the flag and then play an eagle, which would be a very good result.

The Albatros is a big surprise for players and the audience and is celebrated accordingly. In the professional circus, this moment also happens very rarely because it is difficult to play such a result. Every shot has to be right, the general conditions like wind have to be right and of course you need a little luck. It is not uncommon for the albatross to happen when, for example, a long par 5 hole has a tailwind and this lets the ball fly further than normally possible. You also need a hole on a rather flat green. In the case of a wavy profile, it is more difficult to punch directly.