Can someone hack a Facebook website

i want a program where i can hack facebook?

Hello kkeinplan,

I would support hacking Facebook immediately, because I consider Facbook and WhatsApp to be the worst and most worrying developments of modern times and actually classify the behavior of Facebook as criminal! I am happier and self-confessed NOT Facebooker and NOT WhatsApper!

The fact that you want to hack your own account offends the intelligence of the answering machine here on cf;) I am impudently assuming that you want to conquer someone else's account in order to spy on someone. Your girlfriend?

Hacking is not just a word, real hacking is an art and an important part that we cannot imagine today without. However, hacking requires a bit more than just a little bit of computer skills ... These are the absolute professionals who can do it. I'm not talking about modular systems like SubSeven or various nukes or the installation of keyloggers ... The use of BruteForce systems cannot be counted among them. All gimmicks from the crawling group of the Internet :) In addition, I hardly believe that a real hacker would be active in such forums. He has no time for that! If you want to get a little insight into the world of hacking, the first point of contact in the German-speaking area is the Chaos Computer Club (

You will probably have no choice but to have your password reset if, contrary to expectations, it is actually your FB account. Otherwise, find out more about the use of keyloggers. Be aware that this is a punishable measure if you use it without informing the users of the system about it. With this you destroy friendships and trust (and your police clearance certificate)!

So, I hope I was able to quench your thirst for knowledge a little. If you have any other questions, ask them. Unless you ask us for instructions on the illegal use of spy software! Should you have problems with your relationship and your project should be based on it, talk to the person about it or contact a friend ... Of course you can also use the forum of for this!

Love from,