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It combines the advantages of an optimally equipped vehicle with the compact dimensions and consumption data that are normally attributed to mid-range models. Even if the C-Class is no longer the smallest class from Mercedes, the used Mercedes C 180 is still a hit. The car has style and a luxurious ambience that can otherwise only be found in upscale vehicles.

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All Mercedes models undergo extensive model updates at regular intervals. In the Mercedes C 180, for example, newly designed side mirrors have been in use since 2008. They have LED lighting technology and improve the vehicle's aerodynamics. As a used car, the Mercedes C 180 is available as a sedan, a sports coupé and a T-model (station wagon). The special features of this model include excellent handling, low fuel consumption and the high-quality interior fittings. It can withstand high mileage without major repairs and does not lose any of its driving comfort. The Mercedes C 180 proves to be a good investment in a comfortable and reliable car when used. The newer generation of used cars also have numerous assistance systems that ensure excellent driving safety.

The technology in the Mercedes C 180

The first model of the C 180 from Mercedes rolled off the production line in 1993. At that time, there were hardly any assistance systems available to the driver in newer models today. The engine technology has also changed significantly in the C 204 (2011 to 2015) and C 205 (from 2015) series. The used Mercedes C 180 BlueEFFICIENCY has been waiting with a new generation of engines since April 2012. The displacement was reduced from 156 hp to 1.6 liters while the engine output remained unchanged. This results in a reduced fuel consumption of 5.8 liters of super per 100 kilometers. The C 180 is available with both a four-cylinder gasoline engine and a diesel drive. The petrol models are available with intake manifold and direct injection, with a turbocharger or compressor. Vehicles with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 5- or 7-G-Tronic automatic are also available. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes an average of 8.5 to 9.8 seconds. The used cars from 2007 and 2008 have a EURO-Norm-5 engine, the newer models have a EURO-Norm-6 engine. The vehicle is available in various equipment variants, the extras of which have already been installed when buying a new car. This should be taken into account when comparing individual offers.

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At heycar you will find offers from different dealers and you can look for your new used vehicle in peace. Only used cars that are no more than eight years old are listed. In addition, the mileage is always less than 150,000 kilometers. Of course, you receive a guarantee on the used car purchase. This is taken over by the manufacturer, dealer or insurer. Discover your used Mercedes C 180 at heycar, of course with a thorough general inspection and exhaust emissions test - and look forward to your dream car.