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30 awesome sites that are powered by WordPress

WordPress is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get.

With a wide variety of themes, plugins, and content types website building with WordPress.org is filled to the brim with endless possibilities. The only limit is your imagination and of course your ability to find and fit the right components.

Unfortunately, a successful website idea is not always easy to come by. While there are many beautiful themes with core design elements to start with, it is difficult to conceptualize and build a unique website - one that is shaped by your brand's personality.

Instead of waiting for inspiration, it is sometimes more efficient to "borrow" some ideas from those who have already gone through the heavy lifting.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top thirty websites powered by WordPress. Enjoy!

1. TEDx Melbourne

Website: http://tedxmelbourne.com/

If you take a look at the default WordPress theme repository, you'll notice that more and more themes are using wallpapers in full screen mode above the crease. Although the TEDx Melbourne website does not use a full screen, the space above the fold has been used extensively - thanks to the “torn” effect that prompts visitors to scroll down.

2. Doze Studio

Website: http://doze.studio/

Don't let the screenshot above fool you - the Doze Studio home page is perhaps one of the most fascinating and impressive sites out there. Granted, their appeal is thanks to their talented animation team. But the fact that it is powered by WordPress is nothing short of amazing.

3 Mercedes Benz

Website: https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/

The black color and luxury cars are made a match made in heaven. The Mercedes Benz website is an example of this and proves you don't have to overly complicate website design. Know your brand's strengths, show them off in the best light, and make sure your audience sees them without the distractions.

4 The Walt Disney Company

Website: https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/

A decade into the 21stst In the 20th century, most adults in digitally connected countries today are familiar with Walt Disney. Just like their films, the Walt Disney Company's official website gives the atmosphere of adventure. The intelligent placement of the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse invites you to get to know the company.

5. The Greenwich Library

Website: http://www.greenwichlibrary.org/

Aside from the beautiful backgrounds, the Greenwich Library website has several other aspects of effective design nailed about the crease. Some examples are well-emphasized value proposition and CTAs.

6. Sweden.se

Website: https://sweden.se/

Many WordPress users are familiar with the card layout. It enables them to organize content and present it neatly - without having to think about their progress. It can also be tweaked for any topic, even a website that highlights the tradition of an entire country. Sweden.se is one of the perfect examples of this approach. When you visit the site, you will be taken straight to a book of maps where you can browse local stories that pique your interest, from fashion trends to job opportunities in Sweden.



In the world of functional web design, the phrase "less is more" applies. However, there is a huge difference between a blank, uninspiring page and a minimalist masterpiece. DELAUNAY from Japan can show you with its unique side what the latter means.

8. Sternwerke

Website: http://www.stellarworks.com/

The Stellar Works website, specifically the Collections page, is one of the few pieces of art that is tiled. The company designs furniture that resonates with various personal and corporate brands - a skill they demonstrate with their impeccable website.

9. Bata

Website: http://www.bata.com/

In addition to the professionally photographed background images, the Bata website informs visitors in seconds what their company is all about. This is thanks to the bold statement right down the middle of the page.

10. Captain Creative

Website: http://www.captaincreative.com.au/

Captain Creative - alter ego of designer and art director Brad James - teaches us that once you've found your brand image, you have to take on every fiber of your being. If you are as creative and resourceful as him, this will definitely produce positive results. Check out how presentable and memorable his website is.

11. Jess marks photography

Website: http://www.jessmarksphotography.com.au/

Just like Captain Creative, Jess Marks Photography is another site that reflects the personality of its creator. Aside from the cartoon design, it's a brilliantly designed website. It has clear values, organized navigation, and attention grabbing headers that can help visitors get around.

12. Boston Market

Website: https://www.bostonmarket.com/

The Boston Market website understands that food needs to be presented in high definition, which makes it more compelling and appetizing. Fortunately, WordPress is currently a bonanza for background themes in full screen mode. In addition, they took advantage of a handy, "sticky" top bar that can help visitors scroll.

13. Broker

Website: http://www.realtor.com/

If you are planning on doing a roundup of the best WordPress websites then you should never forget the ones that prioritize usability and functionality over looks. Realtor is a simple, fast, and helpful website that can help users find a great home for them in seconds. You can also implement a similar function with the help of WordPress plugins.

14. Sylvester Stallone

Website: https://sylvesterstallone.com/

It is more than likely that Sylvester Stallone paid someone else to create his page. But then again, anyone who knows how to install themes and plugins can make something look professional. Still, Stallone's website is the perfect example of a personal website done right. It's clean, fast, and has a community page for users to discuss.

15. The next web

Website: https://thenextweb.com/

There's just something crazy about The Next Web and the way they deal with their design. Maybe it's Dwight Howard's humorous pop-up with a biscuit, or maybe it's her interesting range of topics, such as reading quickly and talking to Siri. Whatever it is that makes their website memorable, they clearly know something about ease of use. Although they are loaded with information from top to bottom, their homepage doesn't look very busy or difficult to navigate.

16. James Brandon Photography

Website: https://www.jamesb.com/

The presentation is expected as a photographer. James Brandon doesn't disappoint with his personal side. The portfolio area in particular is worth mentioning for its simplicity and layout. It embraces the principles of distraction-free design and ensures that your target audience can focus on your core content.

17. Trefecta mobility

Website: https://www.trefectamobility.com/

Trefecta Mobility is one of the minority companies that use a side navigation menu. Sure, a top menu saves a ton of screen space, but from a user's perspective, a side menu can be a lot easier to scan. In the case of Trefecta Mobility, this design decision was a very successful one.

18. Gracenote

Website: http://www.gracenote.com/company/about-us/

At first glance, the Gracenote homepage looks like it could be created in a few minutes with WordPress. But once you navigate to their About page, you'll understand why their site is on this list. For most brands, a website is an effective tool for giving audiences an insight into their culture. Gracenote does this with a simple photo that shows an energetic boardroom. If you have a similar photo of your team, you should be able to implement the same strategy on your website.

19. IZOD

Website: http://izod.com/

It's always a pleasure to see established brands take full advantage of WordPress. IZOD is a mid-range fashion retailer that uses a visually heavy website design. While their website's appeal largely depends on professional photography, they also confirm how effectively visual content is conveying your brand's message.

20. Chap

Website: https://chaptr.studio/

Chaptr is a creative agency that pushes minimalism to the limit. There are only four visual elements on their homepage - the header logo, the menu button, a value proposition, and the subtly placed “Ch” logo that just intrigues you enough that you can scroll down for more information. Once you do, you will discover page elements below the fold that are perfectly put together for an engaging experience.

21. Computerized forms

Website: http://computerizedforms.com/

Another website that pushes WordPress to the limit, Computerized Forms features fascinating animation and interactivity with its intricate coding. As the user scrolls down the page, graphical elements, such as the letters in Computerized Forms, create a spectacle of shapes, colors and clickable elements. Such a website can be hard to replicate, but it should give you an idea of ​​just how powerful WordPress sites really can be.

22. Katy Perry

Website: https://www.katyperry.com/

Yes, using full-screen image sliders is still a great way to provide visual enjoyment to your audience while conveying your brand's message. Katy Perry herself uses this strategy to give her website her creative personality. Of course, they're also great for sharing useful information like announcements and concert schedules. With the right tools, you could probably build a similar WordPress site in an hour. A good start would be an easy to use slider plugin that can help you organize and present your visual content.

23. Iron to iron

Website: https://irontoiron.com/

If your focus is on the fold, a great alternative to slide screens or full-screen wallpapers is a simple introduction to your team and what you stand for. Iron to Iron is the collaboration between designer Kevin Richardson and web developer Jonathan Christopher. Aside from their clear value proposition, they wasted no time letting audiences know about their expertise.

24. Flickr blog

Website: http://blog.flickr.net/en

Proud of WordPress.com, the Flickr blog is the embodiment of the pure WordPress experience. It has a simple menu at the top, an attention-grabbing image above the screen, and a handy list of the website's best content just below it. While this layout is already widely used, it is still reliable and effective regardless of your niche.

25. WGN television

Website: http://wgntv.com/weather/

WGN TV's weather page is great proof of how flexible WordPress really can be. As soon as you load the website, you are immediately greeted with a weather box that contains useful information such as temperature, humidity and a weekly forecast. And believe it or not, you can also put weather information on your own WordPress site with the help of weather plugins such as WP cloudy.

26. Who is Leon?

Website: http://whoisleon.com/

As an aspiring web developer, the best way to showcase your talent and expansive skills is to pour them all on your personal website. Leon is a web developer, UX designer, photographer, videographer, mobile developer, and self-proclaimed coffee lover. Except for the last, everything that it claims to be can already be proven through its website alone.

27. Outwardly bound Croatia

Website: http://www.outwardboundcroatia.com/en/

Outward Bound Croatia is a non-profit organization established for students around the world. A quick look at the page will tell you who it was built for: hopeful, energetic and young people who want to learn through experience. Every single photo that can be found in the photo relates to the adventure and effectively integrates visitors into their experiential learning system.

28. Happy in my skin

Website: http://www.happyinmyskin.co.uk/

Happy In My Skin is run by mindfulness trainer Faiy Rushton and is one of the quietest websites WordPress has ever run. In addition to the minimalist design approach, the website uses the perfect combination of fonts, white space usage and colors. This shows that website design isn't about every detail - it's about how these pieces mesh and complement each other.

29. ETQ

Website: https://www.etq-amsterdam.com/

ETQ is one of the best-designed online stores out there - it's almost mesmerizing. Once the user starts scrolling down, they enter a state where they just need to see the next pair. If they happen to see a shoe they like, all they have to do is click the picture and use the quick checkout process.

30. FormFree

Website: http://www.formfree.com/

Take the time to visit FormFree yourself before dismissing this as another site with a full screen background image. Style, don't you notice anything special? Try to scroll. Once you step onto the site, you are instantly drawn into a linear experience - just like the developers intended. It's an advance on the long scrolling format that many other WordPress-based websites offer.


Feeling inspired? If you can clearly imagine what your next website will look like, then you can start looking for themes and plugins to create them with.

To give you a head start, click here for cheap WordPress hosting that we recommend and here. for a long list of WordPress themes you should know about.

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