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Coronavirus in the United States : Trump denies early warning from secret services

US President Donald Trump has rejected a media report that US intelligence services warned him early on of the dangers posed by the novel corona virus.

The secret services had confirmed to him that they had only mentioned the topic in late January, wrote Trump on Sunday evening (local time) on Twitter. Even then, they would only have brought the subject up in a "very harmless way". That was shortly before the entry ban he issued for foreigners from China at the end of January, which "saved tens of thousands of lives". The "fake news" media were "as always" wrong, wrote the US president.

The Washington Post reported last Monday that US intelligence agencies had warned of the corona virus more than a dozen times in their daily written reports for the president in January and February. The virus was first mentioned in early January. Trump regularly refrained from reading the reports and occasionally showed little patience with the oral instructions, which were given two to three times a week.

Trump more optimistic than adviser Fauci

Trump expects a vaccine against the novel corona virus later this year and is pushing for the economy in the country to open soon. "I am very confident that we will have a vaccine by the end of the year," said the US President on Sunday evening (local time) at a Fox News event in Washington. He admitted doctors would advise against making such a statement, but said he still expects that timeframe.

The prominent US government adviser and immunologist Anthony Fauci was more cautious on Thursday on CNN. Ideally, he expects a vaccine in January, Fauci said. “But I can't guarantee that.” There are numerous uncertainties that could delay a vaccine. Trump's government has launched an "Operation Warp Speed" to accelerate the development of a vaccine. When asked whether it would bother him if other states were to develop a vaccine faster than the US, Trump said: "If it is a different country, I will take my hat off to you."

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Trump wants to reopen the country "as soon as possible"

The President's appearance on Sunday took place at the Lincoln Memorial in the heart of the US capital. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States from 1861 to 1865. Two Fox News presenters asked Trump questions that voters had previously submitted to the broadcaster via video. The motto of the event was "America Together - Back to Work". This Monday, several other states wanted to relax measures to contain the coronavirus. The White House guidelines stipulate a 14-day decline in the number of cases - this is not yet the case everywhere.

Trump said, "At some point we have to open the country. We have no choice. We cannot remain closed as a country. ”He emphasized that this had to be done in a safe way,“ but as soon as possible ”. The measures would be the responsibility of the governors of the 50 states. "I honestly think that some states are not moving fast enough." Trump urged that schools and universities reopen after the summer break at the latest. He was once again convinced that the US economy would quickly recover from the fourth quarter.

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Trump now expects more deaths from the corona virus

The US president again defended the protests in several states against the protective measures - although these measures follow the guidelines of his administration. "These are significant demonstrations," he said. Trump admitted that there were also people who were scared of the easing. He also announced further aid for the now more than 30 million Americans who have lost their jobs because of the crisis. “We'll do more.” He replied to an unemployed single mother from Alabama that she would find a better-paying job after the crisis.

Trump revised his earlier predictions about the feared death toll in the US from the virus upwards. Instead of 65,000, he now expects 80,000 or 90,000 dead, he said.

According to an overview by Johns Hopkins University, more than 1.15 million infections have been confirmed in the USA (as of Sunday evening) - almost a third of all known infections worldwide. The university's scientists have so far registered more than 67,000 deaths in the United States. (dpa)

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