How do you fix a broken urn

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Electrical installations

Electrical installations in Urneburg by a specialist - our electricians and our cooperation partners lay the cables and place your switches and sockets according to your specifications.

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Assembly of satellite systems

Do you want to readjust your parabolic antenna in Urneburg for better reception? We help professionally and quickly

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Connection of electrical devices

When connecting a stove and other electrical devices, our trained specialists and cooperation partners are happy to help at any time

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New installation of electrical systems

We install your door intercom, doorbell and telephone system quickly and in accordance with the specifications

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Small orders

Even if, for example, only one lamp needs to be installed, our electricians and partners are happy to help

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Repairs of all kinds

A broken device does not always have to be replaced immediately - our electricians and partners are happy to help with repairs

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Help in the event of a power failure

Thanks to our electricians from the electronic emergency service in Urneburg and our cooperation partners, we can be at your side quickly

Your reliable electrician for Urneburg and neighboring areas

Inexpensive and fast - around the clock at local rates

You have had a complete power failure or one of your electrical devices has given up the ghost and you are therefore looking for fast support at reasonable prices in the Urneburg region? Whether installation, intercom or repair; when our electrical engineers or partners leave the site, the power supply from the socket is guaranteed. This also includes the smooth functionality of the entire building and office technology. Our Electrician for Urneburg and the cooperation partners offer you professional help, as inexpensively as possible - and always at the same rate Local rate!

We always attach particular importance to efficient, reliable and competent procedures. After contacting us via our service number 0172 - 891 72 96, we will immediately forward the order details to our highly qualified electricians. As a rule, we will be at your site in Urneburg 30-45 minutes later to help you with your request.

Even and especially outside of normal business hours, our electricians and those of our partners are there for you. If suddenly nothing works on Saturday evening, you don't want to wait until the end of the weekend, you need immediate help. In this case we can be reached at any time in the Urneburg area on 0172 - 891 72 96 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In one sentence: You can rely on your electronic emergency service here in Ganderkesee - Urneburg.

Services of our electricians and partners

Our electronic emergency service in Urneburg is at your side in these and other areas of activity

Electrical installations

Regardless of whether an old building is being renovated or a new building project - from individual switches to entire electrical installations for apartments, houses or companies: Our electricians and partners for Urneburg will help you carry out your projects, taking into account the regulations of the electrical guild and always with a view to your own safety.

Electronic emergency service

Technical defects cannot be pre-programmed. In an emergency, we and our technicians are always available for you, even on Sundays and in the middle of the night. A phone call is sufficient and we will do everything we can to help you quickly.

SAT systems

Our employees and cooperation partners support you in planning, installing and setting up your satellite systems for single or multi-family houses. The electricians of the emergency service will also help you with defects in an existing satellite system or a general malfunction in TV reception

Connection work

A new large electrical appliance has been purchased but has not yet been connected for you? In these and comparable situations, our technicians or one of our cooperation companies will be happy to come by and connect your device to you in accordance with the regulations.


Often a defect has only one inconspicuous cause. Before throwing away your TV set or your favorite lamp, ask a professional for advice. In many cases a repair is possible and usually much cheaper than buying a new one.

Warning notice for handling electricity

Under no circumstances should you try to repair defective cabling, sockets or electronics yourself. Especially when you think "It looks so easy!" the biggest accidents happen and endanger your well-being or the resulting consequential damage is more expensive than if you had called an electrician immediately. Trained specialists can fix the problem quickly and safely.

Our employees have the appropriate test equipment and can accurately assess the potential risk. If, for example, a fuse blows, there is a specific reason for this and this should be examined by the electrical emergency service before a disaster can possibly occur.

Further areas of application

Our employees and cooperation partners are also there for you in the vicinity of Ganderkesee.

These include in particular Delmenhorst, electricians for Groß Ippener, Hude (Oldenburg), Prinzhöfte, Stuhr, electronic emergency services for Kirchseelte, Lemwerder, Dünsen bei Bassum, electricians for Harpstedt, electricians for Berne, Dötlingen and Bremen.

In addition, our electricians and partner companies are of course also in Almsloh, Bergedorf, Bookholzberg, Bookhorn, Bürstel, Elmeloh, Falkenburg, Grüppenbühren, Habbrügge, Havekost, Hengsterholz, Hohenböken, Holzkamp, ​​Hoyerswege, Hoykenkamp, ​​Immer, Neuenlande, Rethorn, Schieremkoor, Schlutter , Steinkimmen, Stenum for you on the way.

24 hour electronic emergency service

In addition to the day-to-day, appointment-based services of an electrician, such as connecting electrical devices, installing door intercom and bell systems or electrical installations, our electricians and partners in Urneburg, as a recognized specialist company, offer you an additional service with our 24-hour service that will never let you down. Whether late at night or on Sunday - our efficient personnel structure enables us to work for you around the clock with our electrical engineers and cooperation partners, who are monitored by customer feedback.

A power outage or the failure of an electrical device in particular do not adhere to the opening times and can also occur at inappropriate times. After the order has been placed with a competent employee on our 24-hour customer telephone, an employee is often on site in the Urneburg area to take care of the matter after 30 to 45 minutes. Of course, every order is billed at the binding local rate. Regardless of whether your place of work is a private household or a business, we are there to help.

Job offer

To strengthen our team, we are currently looking for freelance electricians and / or electrical companies with free capacities in Urneburg, in the greater area of ​​Oldenburg and throughout Lower Saxony as subcontractors.

At the moment we are building our availability in Urneburg and in Oldenburg area further and therefore need trained specialists who are mobile and support us in the execution of the orders. We offer you good earning opportunities in the event that you are self-employed and want to stay.

Your area of ​​responsibility includes the implementation of orders sent to you by us for customers in and around Urneburg - such as electrical installations, small orders, power outages, etc. You will be deployed in customer service on request and on request within a radius of approx. In addition, standby times in the electronic emergency service are desirable, but not absolutely necessary.


  • Journeyman or master craftsman's certificate
  • Business registration
  • Own vehicle and driver's license
  • German language in spoken and written
  • Enjoyment of customer service and good tone

Have we aroused your curiosity? Then call us directly on the 24h hotline +49 (0) 800 19 55 730 or simply send an email to [email protected] We'll come back to you as soon as possible.

Important customer information

Flink24 GmbH expressly points out that we do not have a branch in Urneburg, but rather offer the services described as a mobile service provider at our fair local rate. In addition to our own electricians, in exceptional cases we also work with regional companies, to whom we then pass on the order. In the case of a mediated order, we cannot be liable for the quality, prices and speed of the external companies. Liability claims are to be made directly to the cooperation company on site and not to us. Please refer to the partner's data and prices on the order form that you will receive on site.