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LFC column | Liverpool is ripe for a change

LFC column by Chris Williams | Liverpool have lost a derby at Anfield for the first time since 1999. It is time to change something.

Try to go back a year if you can. I know a lot has changed in the world, but even if it feels like an eternity, just twelve months ago at that point in time, Liverpool was the best club on this planet that we call home.

Derby defeat Low point of a negative series

Now, 365 days later, the club is, according to some, in "total crisis mode" and "in free fall" for others. The loss to Everton at Anfield should make it clear what a crazy time we are living in.

The neighbors on the other side of the park haven't won an game at Anfield since 1999. I was at that game then. The fight between Francis Jeffers and Sander Westerveld is all I can remember.

I was 21 years old at the time and still had full hair. Now I'm 42 and bald. That's how long has been since we lost an Anfield derby on our sacred turf - an indication of what a crazy time we are living in right now. The loss to Everton came after a series of bitter and disappointing performances, especially at home against Burnley.

A particularly painful result, almost four years without a home defeat, an unbeaten streak of 68 games at Anfield destroyed due to a diabolical performance. It didn't stop there. Brighton and Manchester City took away wins in a stadium that was once invincible.

In mid-December, it looked as if Liverpool were in top form again, a convincing 7-0 runaway win against Crystal Palace looked like the trigger for another title attack, the Reds were at the top of the Premier League over Christmas. Eleven games have passed since that day, 33 points were up for grabs and Liverpool have won nine. Yes, you read that right, nine points.

The injury argument doesn't pull constantly

But why? It's no secret that Liverpool are ravaged by injuries. Jürgen Klopp had to set up 18 different pairs of central defenders - that's how long the list of injured players is.

This has undoubtedly affected the balance in the team, but at some point we have to stop saying “but the injuries” and focus on “what can we do?”!

When my car has a flat tire and my wife says, “Chris, we need some bread. Please go to the store "and I answer with" My tire is flat, it's a shame but I have to live with that now and get over it for the next few days "I very much doubt that two months later she will be just as indulgent if I am still come along with this argument.

Change tires, get a new one (or two), run to the store, ride a bike, the options are limitless and this situation is a bit similar to the one at Liverpool.

YES, Liverpool are ravaged by injuries, but you have to adapt and bridge the situation, which I think Klopp did. Because for me the problems are not in the back, but in the front. At a point in time after the turn of the year, Liverpool recorded 75 shots on goal and NOT EVEN hit them.

Liverpool is not deviating from Plan A.

It is not good enough. The stats always say "Just Mo Salah ..." for most records and player comparisons, but this one man can't do it all by himself. Sadio Mane is very changeable this season, his form is constantly changing, but the big problem area in my opinion is Roberto Firmino

This is not a personal attack on him, he was the engine of this team for three years, so when he's miserably out of shape it's no surprise that "no engine equates to a bad car."

There is also the slightest frown at Klopp himself. Of course, I'm not going to tell the two-time Cup, Cup, Champions League, Super Cup, Club World Cup and Premier League winners how to change their tactics.

But (there it is, because I'm doing it now) I get the feeling that Liverpool is running his head against a stone wall and trying the same thing over and over and it always doesn't work.

Xherdan Shaqiri and Takumi Minamino were signed to sometimes deviate from the 4-2-3-1 formation, Naby Keita and Thiago have come to give a double midfield axis some substance - but we hardly see this.

Liverpool must dare to do something new

I think, throw all concerns overboard, let's play the center-backs in the center-back position and the midfielders in the midfield and try to bring some form of quick switching back on.

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The title sucks, that's a fact and soon the possibility of UEFA Champions League football will probably disappear next season. Liverpool need a change of plan, some extra confidence and most of all, a break.

There will be a break in May, but the other two scenarios must occur before that. Otherwise, those horrible twelve months of eventually returning to something like old normal will shape our next two years, and NOBODY wants that.


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