Should I take the puppy out?

Three tips on how to house trained your puppy

Do you follow the measures mentioned so far and still not manage to get your puppy house trained? Then we have three more tricks for you that can be helpful in difficult cases.

Dog toilet as an aid

A dog toilet can help you house-train your dog or puppy. But keep the following point in mind: Your puppy will quickly get used to loosening up on the floor of the toilet. But if he only gets to know this, it will later be difficult to get him used to the grass outside.

Use special detergents

Should an accident happen to your puppy, it is best to clean the contaminated area immediately with a special cleaner. Otherwise, your dog will quickly see the toilet area again as a suitable solution.

By the way, a special cleaning agent is necessary because dogs' noses can still perceive smells even after we humans have not smelled anything for a long time.

You can find out more about this in our article Removing dog urine.

Important: Never scold the puppy

Speaking of mishaps: ignore possible mishaps and don't rant. A puppy has just as little control of its bladder as a toddler with a diaper. Often times, the puppy only realizes that it has to when it has already happened.

If you scold him at this point, he will not be able to associate it with breaking up. In the worst case, you will destroy the relationship of trust that has just been established. Instead, the puppy learns to secretly relieve itself in unused corners of your apartment in the future.

If your puppy becomes loose in the house several times, you should stay outside with him until he has to do his business there. Then give him lots of praise.

Patience will pay off: Once you have got your dog or puppy house trained, you will be able to rely on him at all times.