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7 Mexican fashion bloggers episodes

Fashion bloggers and vloggers are ubiquitous on the internet these days. Whether you are looking for someone who specializes in beauty, high fashion, or even just their own personal tastes, you are guaranteed to find the perfect blog that is waiting for you. The situation in Mexico is no different, with aspiring fashion enthusiasts and professionals blogging about their style and preferences. Here are the seven Mexican fashion bloggers you should follow.

Gabriel Ibarzábal (Latin Fashion News)

Gabriel Ibarzábal runs Latin Fashion News, one of the most successful fashion blogs in Mexico. It reached 500,000 followers on August 30, 2016, just six years after launch. This epic episode and clearly huge draw isn't for nothing as he gives updates on the latest fashion news as well as some snapshots of his personal style (under the "Blog" section of his page). Also known as Gabo, Ibarzábal is a stylist, photographer and fashion designer and blogger. He has photographed Tommy Hilfiger and Bar Rafaeli among other big names.

Latin Fashion News | Courtesy of Gabriel Ibarzábal

Paulina López (Oh my Dior)

Paulina López is an amateur fashion blogger and the brain behind Oh My Dior. Her irreverent collection of photos, blogs, and topics - she has a "Magic" tab and items like "Cosmic Fashion" and "Cactus Fashion" - is young and fun, but also incredibly well put together. Unlike many of the bloggers on our list, her fashion is high street and affordable as she puts together outfits from traditional Mexican artisans and stores like American Eagle. She is a textile designer, lives in Mexico and blogs bilingually.

Oh My Dior Lookbook | Courtesy of Paulina López

Andy Torres (StyleScrapbook)

One of Mexico's top fashion bloggers is Andy Torres, who created StyleScrapbook over seven years ago when she moved to Amsterdam from her native Mexico. Since then she has grown stronger, working as a freelance editor for Glamor (NL), hosting TV series in Latin America and judging an impressive long list of other achievements in fashion competitions. Anyway, her blog (and Instagram!) Continues to be regularly updated with exquisitely taken pictures and her 'Lookbook' tab is filled with her best outfits.

Gaby Gómez (Moda Capital)

Gaby is from Mexico City Gómez, a 20 year old, bilingual fashion blogger who runs Moda Capital. Originally a hobby, she has turned blogging into a career and like the typical "Beauty" and "Style" tabs, she also has a strong focus on "Travel". See photos of her wearing fabulous clothes in far-flung parts of the world, such as her recent travel destination, Peru. The simple, reduced surface of your blog shows a cool, interwoven skyline with landmarks from all the fashion capitals of the world.

Ángel Vázquez (Yo Vivo La Moda)

From Monterrey, born in Mexico City, Ángel Vázquez is the blogger behind Yo Vivo La Moda. As one of only two male fashion bloggers to make our list, his homepage is quirky and colorful with an iron-on patch and bubble writing logo, while his blogs are usually well-put together, sleek, and minimal. As a graphic designer, he has won numerous awards for his blog and loves to keep an eye on the latest trends and styles that appear on his page.

Rogue Interdit Vinyl Givenchy Lipstick / Dior Pre Fall Shoes / Ángel Vázquez | Courtesy of Ángel Vásquez

Adriana Gastélum (synthetic leather)

Fake Leather is an image blog launched in late 2010 by Adriana Gastélum, who has lived in Barcelona, ​​Spain since 2014. As another graphic designer, she has turned her love of fashion blogging into a viable career and is definitely one of the most successful bloggers on our list. After working with Vogue México, Coach, L'Oreal and many others, her blog is mostly about her personal style and features incredibly artistic and well-shot photos of Grg Mrkt (her boyfriend!).

Artificial leather | Courtesy of Adriana Gastélum

Andrea Maria (Dear Milano)

Originally from Tamaulipas in northern Mexico, Andrea Maria studied marketing at TEC de Monterrey before moving to Milan to study fashion. After returning to Mexico, she started the popular Dear Milano blog as a tribute to her passion for fashion and her former home. Dear Milano is focused on her very own personal style, and the homepage is full of vivid photos documenting her quirky looks. In addition to her blog, she has completed internships with photographers, partner of Grazia, ELLE.mx and Harpers Bazaar and is currently writing a column for InStyle.mx.

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