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The hazel: Lots of pollen, delicious nuts

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Hazel pollen is a nuisance for many allergy sufferers. Nevertheless, it is an easy-care and decorative garden plant. The nuts are edible and also provide food for animals such as squirrels.

Its long, grape-like inflorescences give the hazel its particularly distinctive appearance. This genus includes up to 25 different species that grow as a tree or shrub. The trees can be up to 15 meters high, the bushes up to seven meters.

Hazelnut bush is particularly popular

The common hazel, also known as the hazelnut bush, is one of the most famous shrubs. It is often planted in private gardens and also bears fruit. Most of the hazelnuts available on the market come from the Lambertshasel, they are mainly used in professional cultivation.

Hazel bee pollen is a common cause of allergies

The typical catkins of the hazel are male flowers.

Depending on the region, the flowers of the hazel can already be seen in January and, according to the phenological calendar, ring in early spring. This calendar is not divided into four seasons but into ten phases. The hazel has both female and male flowers, with only the male forming the conspicuous catkins. The partial inflorescences contained therein contain millions of pollen bodies - to the chagrin of many people suffering from pollen allergies. The female flower of the hazel, on the other hand, is inconspicuous.

Plant a hazelnut bush

If you want to plant a hazelnut bush in the garden, you get a very undemanding and uncomplicated plant. The sunnier the location, the richer the nut harvest will be. Hazelnut bushes are so-called external pollinators. That is, at least two bushes should be planted so that the flowers are pollinated and fruits grow. The shrub does not make any special demands on the garden soil, but waterlogging should be avoided. The fast-growing hazelnut is suitable both as a single plant and as a hedge plant. The best time to plant is in autumn.

Hazelnuts ripen from September

Animals like squirrels are happy to have hazelnuts in the garden.

The fruits of the hazelnut ripen from around September. They then turn brown and fall to the ground. After removing the shell, the seeds inside can be eaten. Nuts roasted in the oven or in a pan taste best. Undamaged fruits can be stored dry. Many wild animals also like hazelnuts: For example, they are ideal food for squirrels, jays and of course dormice.

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