What does Punchnama


When Nishant falls in love with the pretty Charu, his friends Rajat and Vikrant are happy for him. After all, both have long been taken themselves. But love is hard work: Nishant soon complains that Charu is only taking advantage of him. Rajat, on the other hand, feels increasingly pressured by the selfishness of his dominant friend Neha, while Vikrant finds that Riya is becoming more and more hostile - is she having an affair with her ex-boyfriend? A break from the stressful relationship life is needed. What could be better than a little trip into the blue among men. But the three women are not so easily shaken off. The six fighters meet on the dream beaches of India, which leads to unexpected chaos.


ISBN / GTIN4059251283751

Product typeFilm

Cover type DVD

Release year 2016

Release date 11/23/2018

First day of sale 23.11.2018

Language Hindi

Duration125 min.

Dimensions: Width 137 mm, height 192 mm, thickness 15 mm

Weight 70 g

Item number 2992780