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"Of breaking the rules ...
or the art of being strange "

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About the author

Hi, my name is Kristof.

I have been working as an innovation consultant since 2008 (incredible how time flies). As managing director of the Hamburg agency trendINNOVATION, I - together with my team - help companies from very different industries to arrive successfully in the future. In my lectures, I show my viewers how they can become a pacemaker in their industry through targeted rule breaks. In addition, I am co-founder of Evulu - a SaaS platform for project-related generation and evaluation of innovative ideas.

»About breaking rules ... or the art of being strange« is one of my heart projects. It is aimed at people who are enthusiastic about innovations and who like challenges. In addition to numerous examples, there are specific instructions on how to develop and implement disruptive impulses. You will also find specific exercises to try out what you have learned directly. So write straight into the book.

I hope to convey to you - the readers - the desire to question the given and to look for ways to improve - regardless of the area. Because that is the best prerequisite if you want to be different and stand out positively in your market.

What's in it?

  1. In the beginning there was the word ... the foreword | 0
  2. Innovation - a definitional classification | 14th
  3. The Rule Breaker - Attempt at a Sociological Approach | 50
  4. Expectations as building blocks for breaking the rules | 62
  5. Rules of breaking the rules | 76
  6. Preparing to break the rules | 88
  7. Instructions for breaking the rules | 114
  8. Evaluation of rule violations | 138
  9. Implementation of rule breaks | 148
  10. Pillars of a rule-breaking culture | 162
  11. Everything has an end ... the final word | 178

What can i learn

The bay helps you ...

Understand markets in their multidimensionality.

Identify opportunities for exciting innovation approaches.

To develop impulses for a smart realization of your goals.

To evaluate proposed solutions developed in the course of the process.

Implement the best of the rated ideas.

To design an innovation-friendly climate in your company.

To position yourself as an innovation leader in your company.

Reviews & Readers' Opinions

With a convincing content structure, a refreshing, non-adapted language as well as clear examples and illustrations, the book by Jan Kristof Arndt appeals to both aspiring rule breakers and experienced innovation managers. Not only are various rule breaking techniques and the creative approaches of well-known global brands described, but concrete suggestions for individual practical application are also given.

Andrè Jansen - business consultant

The book by Jan Kristof Arndt helps you to question the familiar and to reduce your natural fear of big changes. The approach described is very systematic and makes it easy to think outside the box and to implement what comes out step by step.

Geoffrey Hildbrand - Brand & Innovation Specialist

frequently asked Questions

Why should I want to break rules at all - isn't that actually a bad thing?

It's not about breaking rules, about breaking rules. Rather, I would like to support you in questioning the prevailing conditions and unwritten laws in your market and thinking about what you should change in order to improve the position of your company in competition with the competition (and maybe your own in the company) .

I've already attended your workshop on this topic - does it still make sense to buy the book?

Certainly. In the workshop defined by me and my team, we of course also give a short introduction, present numerous examples and give you concrete implementation techniques - nevertheless, such a book naturally gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject. In addition, I consciously rely on other practical examples and show you a few other methods. I also find the insights that my interview partners gave me (and therefore you) particularly exciting.

Our industry is subject to many rules and special features - can the approach you convey also apply to us?

I have been working as an innovation consultant for a good 10 years. In fact, I've never seen our approach not apply to a particular industry. Yes, it may be that the introduction of new products on the market is subject to strict regulations and the room for rule breaks is indeed very small. But a company does not define itself solely through its products. Innovations can arise in any area - whether in development, sales or marketing. The topic of digital transformation is also characterized by rule breaks - and this actually affects every company today.

Do you have further questions?

Convinced? Then I look forward to your order.