Are important records public

Important notes on recording and streaming video conferences

The following important points must be observed:

  • Meeting participants must before starting the recording be informed about this.
  • Next to the Right to your own picture must organizers too Copyrights (e.g. for presentations), as well as, if applicable contractual restrictions (e.g. confidentiality clauses) and local instructions your home institution.

A recording of an ongoing Pexip meeting can be started or stopped using the record button in the control bar. However, this requires organizer rights and an organizer PIN must be set for the meeting.

During the recording, a red recording point is visible to all participants in the main area, and the virtual participant "DFN Recorder" appears in the participant list. If the recording is stopped, the recording point and the virtual participant disappear from the conference.

Recordings are made available to the owner of the meeting room in the DFNconf portal as a download for 14 days. After the 14 days have expired, a recording is automatically deleted from the server. If recordings are to be made available permanently and / or publicly, a suitable hosting solution must be found independently, e.g. a video service from the local university data center or your own IT department.

Recordings that are no longer required can also be deleted manually before the automatic deletion period has expired; the appropriate link next to the recording can simply be used for this purpose.

In addition to the recording an ongoing Pexip meeting can also be made publicly available as a live stream. This function must be activated separately for each meeting room in the advanced settings in the DFNconf portal (organizer portal) before the meeting begins.

As soon as the streaming option is activated for a meeting room, a streaming link is displayed in the meeting overview in the DFNconf portal, which is publicly accessible worldwide and can be freely distributed to viewers.

Like the recording, streaming can be started or stopped using a button visible to participants with organizer authorization in the control bar of the web application. As soon as the streaming is active, a streaming symbol is displayed in the main area, clearly visible to all participants. While streaming is active in the meeting room, the meeting can be followed via the public streaming link.

The delay between the meeting and the publicly available stream is currently around 15 seconds. This delay is due in particular to the way HLS works (a minimum of streaming data must be loaded from the server into memory before the stream can be played).

A text chat is available on the stream side as a return channel for two-way communication. The chat function for the stream page must be activated in the settings for the meeting room so that participants and organizers can use this channel.

It is important to note that due to technical restrictions, the text chat on the streaming site cannot currently be transferred to the chat within the Pexip meeting. Organizers must therefore note that the chat on the stream side operates completely independently and separately from the chat function in the Pexip application.

For scenarios with a large number of viewers who want to use the text chat to provide questions or comments about a lecture so that the presenter can respond, it is advisable to either involve a second person to keep an eye on the chat on the stream page and reports bundled contributions to the presenter, or as the presenter, to open a separate browser window with the chat from the stream page and to respond specifically to contributions from the chat.

Updated: March 3, 2020 3:05 PM