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Hello dear forum,

I applied to all universities in Hungary and Riga (Budapest, Szeged, Pecz, RSU). So far I have been accepted to study human medicine from Szeged and Riga. I have read through many testimonials on the Internet, but unfortunately I still cannot decide which university is the "better" one for me. Unfortunately, there are not many reports about Szeged that make the decision easier. The only problem in Riga is that you study in English. Unfortunately, you can only study in German for the first 4 semesters in Szeged. If I am studying in Szeged, I will try to apply for the 5 semester after the Physikum in Germany. So my English skills are not particularly good in the satisfactory area, which also worries me ..

Can someone help me make a decision?

Thanks in advance :-)

I can only tell you that studying in English will not be a problem. I also drove myself completely crazy beforehand because my English is rather average. The professors are not native speakers either and they understand if a word does not come to mind or if you do not always express yourself grammatically correctly. Many probably don't even notice that. The professors' English is usually anything but perfect. You can also get to grips with English textbooks quickly, at some point you don't even notice that you are actually reading / learning in another language.

I can't say anything about the RSU from personal experience. But I can tell you that Riga is a beautiful city with a great student life.

Thank you very much for your answer! :-) Yes, I am really very worried because I wasn't very good at English at school. always have a dictionary with you ... But won't it become much more learning material and you won't need more time to learn?

In Hungary you have the advantage that you have no problems with the recognition of the certificates in the pre-hospital. After two years you will have your physics in your pocket.
I don't know how that e.g. looks like in Riga.

But, as I see it, it is damn hard to get a place in Germany for the first clinical semester. That's why I would expect to complete my degree abroad as well. Or just accept waiting after the first four semesters.

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