What is vacation types

11 vacation types that everyone knows! Which is the most annoying?

Regardless of whether it is a shooter, a safari, a camping holiday or a round trip, on holiday you will meet all kinds of people. We have given you a vigorous clichĂ© drum and introduce you to 11 vacationers that each of us has met before. Who knows, maybe one or the other of you will recognize each other 😉

What type of vacation are you?

Typically German
The typical German can be recognized quickly due to his bright red skin color. The tennis socks in the sandals are then just a small detail on the edge. Germans prefer to stay in all-inclusive hotels, where all-round catering with 3 meals and the hotel bar are waiting for them. He sets the alarm clock to 5 a.m. to reserve the best loungers by the pool with a towel. Typically, Germans stock up on small souvenirs from the hotel so that they can still remember their vacation at home. What he cannot do, however: any word in the local language.

Wannabe influencer
Everyone knows her - the would-be influencer. There is nothing that she does not stage and photograph and immediately share with her numerous followers on Facebook and Instagram. Cocktails, pool, sea, sunsets ... Nothing is safe from her. And the perfect photo lasts, so she always eats her food cold. The would-be influencer is only there where there is internet, after all, she doesn't want to miss if one of her pictures is liked. She prefers to vacation in Dubai, New York or the Caribbean, because everyone can do Italy.

The drinking tourist
The drinking tourist can be heard from afar, because he is mainly out and about in groups and loves to sing well-known Ballermann hits loudly and crookedly. His style of clothing is: less is more and sunglasses are a must! Even the beer bottle is never far away from the drinking tourist and he is always ready for the opposite sex anyway. You can always find it on the beach - it doesn't matter if Playa de Palma, Lloret de Mar or Golden Sands.

The sports freak
When booking a holiday, the sports freak checks whether there are different fitness rooms in the hotel, because only then will a hotel be shortlisted. The sports program is also a decisive criterion - nothing works without tennis, surfing and beach volleyball. Arrived on vacation, the sports freak is on his feet before sunrise and sets off to jog along the beach promenade. He only knows tranquility in order to present his steel body to the world of women.

The cultural junkie
You can only see him with a camera and a travel guide is his constant companion. We're talking about the cultural junkie. If you travel with him, it is not easy, because every day of your vacation is well planned and there are no breaks. Since the cultural junkie has bought at least three travel guides to prepare for his vacation, he knows everything about everything and doesn’t go home until he has visited all the museums, every church and all the sights he has read about.

The horror family
The horror family is the one who (unfortunately) never misses out on vacation. While the teenage daughter is not satisfied with anything and is deeply ashamed of her parents, the son misses the Playstation that was left at home. He compensates for the resulting boredom by annoying his sister, which degenerates into a loud argument. Mama doesn't even notice, because she's soaking up “Fifty Shades of Gray” and Papa doesn't really care about it since he discovered the hotel bar for himself.

The couple in love
You can also find the newly in love couple on every vacation. Although they are two people, you can talk to them in the singular because you have never seen the couple without physical contact. Whether at dinner or at the pool, it is always huddled together so that you have to consider whether you should not cover your children’s eyes. The couple even let those who stayed at home share in their holiday happiness by sharing dozens of kiss pictures on Facebook on the beach.

The wellness woman
With a cucumber mask on your face you can see the wellness woman. The resort in which it is located is in the mountains, so you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama from the pool lounger. The wellness lady spends her vacation wandering from the massage to the sauna, from there to the steam bath and then back to the pool lounger, where a glass of sparkling wine is of course waiting for her. After the evening 5-course menu, she goes to bed, completely exhausted, wearing a sleeping mask and silk kimono.

The complainer
The complainer is particularly popular with hoteliers. You can't please him. Too little choice at the buffet, the TV too small, the bed squeaks, the sea too cold, the receptionist too unfriendly - there is really nothing that the complainer does not complain about. He is also not afraid to express his opinion and to officially complain. When he finally gets home, the complainer's first act is to write a bad review about the “worst vacation ever”.

The jungle king
Only distant, foreign countries come into question for the jungle king. When preparing for vacation, he has to think about how many vaccinations he still needs to be allowed to enter the country at all. Before it finally starts, the friends of the jungle king throw a farewell party because they are afraid he won't come back alive. On vacation he wanders through unknown areas, meets dangerous animals and indigenous people, with whom he communicates with hands and feet.

The regular guest
He is with everyone in person - the regular guest. Every year he goes to the same hotel at least twice and greets his old friends with a first name and a hug. He knows exactly whether a new bush has been planted, because the keen eye of the regular guest recognizes that it was different last year. He knows every corner and every local in his vacation spot, even the daughter of the local baker invited him to her wedding.

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