How do you strengthen a corporate culture

Corporate culture analysis


Do business successfully with top performance over the long term. Every company has a culture. The better the corporate culture, the more economically a company works. One of the most important tasks of corporate management is therefore to create and maintain a performance-enhancing corporate culture based on trust. Use this decisive competitive advantage!

“Where do we stand with our corporate culture?” Only if you can answer this question will you be able to work on improving it in a targeted manner. We put your company behind the x-ray screen and measure your corporate culture. You will receive an objective assessment with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. In this way you can assess how the culture in your company is doing, in which areas you are already above average or in which there is potential for improvement.

With the help of this reflected inventory, the participants recognize a specific need for improvement. This serves as the basis for developing your personnel policy and as an instrument for personnel management. With committed employees, you will achieve your corporate goals more efficiently. Employees receive a positive attitude towards the company and their own performance for the company.

In the moderated discussion with the participants, the dimensions of the corporate culture are worked out and a “target corporate culture” is defined with regard to the corporate goals. This ideal is compared with the actual corporate culture, and the causes for the deviations are determined. A binding action plan is drawn up together. The common point of view creates a spirit of optimism to tackle the issues promptly and energetically.

The corporate culture analysis is carried out as a workshop on one or more days; The basis is the intellectual capital statement with the categories “relationship” - “individual” - “structure”. The corporate culture is analyzed in cooperation between management and employees.
It makes sense to supplement the perspective developed in the workshop with an identical but anonymous survey of all employees.

The combination of workshop and survey provides the basis for your company's MUX corporate culture index.

At the end of the workshop you will receive a profile of your company's strengths and weaknesses.