How dancers increase their stamina

Stronger, faster, longer - but build your stamina properly

Building stamina means working on more than just your stamina. Here you can find out what condition really means and how you can effectively improve it.

What exactly does building condition mean?

The most important first: condition to build means Not, that you just at your endurance have to work. Condition is not to be equated with endurance. But endurance is a Sub-area the condition.

Your condition is your physical performance. You could also say yours general resilience. This is that Result of force, Endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination. This is precisely why you have to do a lot more for your fitness training than jogging regularly or cycling as many kilometers as possible.

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Sports with which you build up your condition

A healthy mix of strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination is required in most sports. All 5 skillsat the same time to work out however is very difficult and only with a good one Training plan to manage something. That's why you will find a number of sports here that are particularly good for building your stamina.


Weight training and Fitness training are particularly well suited for your force to improve. For your body, stronger muscles have the advantage that you Movements and activities in Easier everyday life become.

In addition, the Musculature at the same time also protective and supportive for yours Joints and if done correctly, it also provides one better posture. Even runners benefit from regular strength training and can improve their endurance and speed with the right exercises.


Endurance is a very important part of fitness. You can do them best with the classic ones Endurance sports Running, swimming and cycling work out. But inline skating, rowing or cross trainers are also ideal for improving your endurance.

With a good one Basic perseveranceis your body overall longer efficient. That helps you in almost every sport better services to achieve and makes you yours too everyday life for something lighter.

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You can train speed in a number of different ways. For one thing, you can do yours Speed ​​during one Improve endurance exercise. On the other hand, you can also do yours Reaction speed and Train speed strength.

Ball and team sports such as soccer, basketball or handball are particularly suitable for this. Because in all three sports you have to react very quickly on the one hand, but you also need well-trained speed for shots and throws at the same time.


One skill that is often neglected is that agility. Many sports do not place great emphasis on mobility. There helps you have good mobility Body feeling to improve and you as a whole more efficient to move.

Gymnasts, dancers, yogis and martial artists know exactly how important good mobility is. However, you also have to know that you are yours Muscles at the same time also strengthen should, as excessive mobility with weak muscles can also lead to injuries.


Coordination is a skill that you always have suitable to your Train sport should. A martial artist performs very different movements than a runner. Even if running looks easy on the first impression, there are many coordination exercises here to improve the running style and thus become faster and more enduring.

7 exercises to improve your running style

Workouts for a better condition

A good Fitness training plan, appropriate to your sport, is very extensive and should be created for you and your sport by a trained staff or athletic trainer. If you have your General conditionimprove want to be suitable Forms of training how HIIT, Tabataand Circuit trainingespecially good for that.

Because with these forms of training, strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination are both stressed and improved. Download our free training plans here. down.

Circuit Training Download Free HIIT Workout Download Free


  • Building stamina is more than just improving your endurance.
  • Condition is made up of strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination.
  • The training of one of these 5 areas also influences the other areas.
  • The easiest way to build up general fitness is with HIIT and circuit training.
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