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Accounting software - which accounting program is best for startups? | Overview 2021

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Bookkeeping is probably the least popular activity for most founders and at the same time the biggest bogeyman for many when they are not starting their own business as auditors or tax consultants. In our overview of the most popular accounting programs, we show you which accounting software and tools should make bookkeeping easier and what they can do:

First of all: What all accounting programs do

Compared to manually operated bookkeeping, specialized software programs have several important advantages: They save a lot of time and effort and they avoid errors and omissions. Such programs are a really valuable help in everyday life, especially for everyone who feels unsure about bookkeeping. Seriously incorrect or incomplete bookkeeping not only causes problems, but can also result in hefty penalties - up to and including the withdrawal of the trade license.

The programs often offer check routines that double-check all information and note missing information and errors. In addition, regular updates integrate new regulations or even changed tax laws into the calculation.


The top 5 accounting software in the test

Lexware Accounting 2021 - the most trusted accounting program

The Lexware accountant is one of the most proven and long-serving tools in the broad field of accounting software. The solid user support and the ease of use and learnability, even for less experienced users, are met with enthusiasm again and again.

The Lexware Buchhalter 2021 supports both the simple income surplus calculation (EÜR) and double bookkeeping with balance sheet and profit and loss account (P&L). The many charts of accounts that are supplied with the software and that are DATEV-compatible are also positive. The possibility of batch processing and excellent reporting are further of the numerous highlights of the program.

With the programs Lexware Lohn + Salary and the Lexware Financial Office, the bigger brothers of the bookkeeper 2021, you can then manage even more complex tasks yourself. Financial Office achieves even better test results than the accountant in 2021.

Conclusion: There are practically no criticisms of the Lexware accounting program - it almost always achieves the highest possible number of points in many tests. Tip:You can test Lexware for 30 days for free!

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WISO Accounting 365 - a program also for starters 2021


WISO accounting also shines with a consistently good and easy-to-use interface. It is an accounting software that is mostly designed for less experienced users. The support is praised by many, and at the same time, the bookkeeping software comes with a comprehensive operating manual, which also provides the most important knowledge and rules for correct bookkeeping well and clearly.

WISO has changed its products since 2016, the accounting program is now no longer called WISO Accounting but Accounting 365. According to the provider, it is primarily aimed at sole traders, financial accounting, commercial managers or the managing director's office. Double-entry bookkeeping is thus possible, in compliance with the law, quickly and professionally. Annual financial statements, balance sheet and income statement at the push of a button - everything is possible and always properly.

Conclusion: This accounting software is a good alternative also and especially for founders. Especially for those who do not want to give up their bookkeeping but take care of themselves and also want to understand what they are doing.

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Sage 50 accounting - accounting software for connoisseurs

With Sage 50, Sage presents a professional accounting software that requires at least a basic knowledge of accounting and is not as intuitive to use as the other two programs. There is an extremely professional scope of services, a DATEV interface, digital document archiving and integrated online banking.

The Sage software is also multi-client capable, supports tax forms with ELSTER and also enables e-balances. In addition to the management of open items, there is also an integrated dunning system. Sage 50 is compatible with a huge number of other tools from the manufacturer, for billing, order management and other commercial programs. As with Lexware, the scope of services can therefore be adapted precisely to individual needs until a networked complete solution is created from a single source, since all programs work together excellently.

Conclusion: Perhaps not the ideal entry-level model for start-ups with no accounting background, Sage 50 offers a full range of functions and is therefore a real alternative for those who are a little more familiar. Tip: You can also test Sage 50 Accounting for 30 days for free!

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Tax savings declaration for the self-employed 2021

Do your own bookkeeping - easily and at low cost, that is the promise of the Tax Savings Declaration program, which is available in a new version every year. This means that the software will continue to be of interest to start-ups, freelancers and small companies in 2021. The profit determination is created with little effort: the various income such as fees or invoices are preset and can be selected from a drop-down menu.

After entering the inputs and outputs, the program delivers the most important evaluations such as monthly business management evaluation (BWA), the sales tax and trade tax return or the income-surplus-statement.

Particularly practical: A digital helper: the “internal auditor” recognizes missing and incorrect entries and gives tax tips. Particularly practical: At the end of the day, you can also have your income tax return issued.

Conclusion: The software is the cheapest among the big ones and yet it provides all the tools you need to keep your bookkeeping in order.

Tax Savings Declaration Web Site


Accounting software from Datev

Hardly any other name stands for accounting in Germany - Datev. Millions of company data are processed here in real time, every day. The standard is mainly on the computers in most tax consultancy offices. But there are also programs from Datev, which are aimed at start-ups as entry-level versions. Datev relies above all on high compatibility, almost every external accounting program can pass its data on to Datev. It is more difficult for entrepreneurs without specialist knowledge to find out which of the many Datev programs is actually the right one.

Accounting programs in the cloud - online accounting tools

Every company has to keep accounts, has to keep an eye on and calculate its finances. So every company also needs accounting software. Logically, the five big ones are not alone, there are a multitude of other providers. Solutions in the cloud are particularly popular - you don't need software on the stationary computer here, but work directly on the Internet. The main advantage: The administration can be reached from anywhere.

Accounting butler - put an end to the loose collection of documents

BuchhaltungButler automates financial accounting. The application recognizes receipts, automatically sorts them for account transactions and generates booking suggestions that only need to be confirmed by the user. The bookkeeping runs almost casually with almost no effort.

Special features: You can scan and read receipts using OCR and automatically assign them to the associated account transaction. Invoices with your own logo and colors can be created with just a few clicks. When payment is received, the invoice is automatically marked as "paid". PayPal transactions can be booked automatically, including automatic delimitation of fees.


  • Small businesses for 19.95 euros per month
  • Medium-sized companies for 29.95 euros per month
  • Larger companies: 44.95 euros per month

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sevDesk - Example of an online accounting program for invoices, customer management & Co.

With sevDesk you can write invoices and offers, record receipts and manage your customers. The whole thing happens online - you are not tied to one computer and can do your bookkeeping on the go.

Special features / offers: sevDesk is an easy-to-use cloud software for every entrepreneur. With the postal interface, the sending of e-mails and the automatic bank reconciliation or the integrated advance VAT return, many everyday tasks can be done with just one click of the mouse. sevDesk is GoBD certified.

SevDesk offers a special tariff for start-ups (the first 6 months for 50 percent). To do this, simply send an e-mail with proof of the start-up (trade license, entry in the commercial register, etc.) to [email protected]


  • sevDesk invoice (from € 7.50 per month)
  • sevDesk accounting (from € 15.00 per month) for 3 users
  • sevDesk ERP (from € 43.00 per month) for 10 users
  • There is a 5% discount if you take out an annual subscription


The top online accounting tools at a glance

Anyone who is initially committed to an accounting tool will want to do so for a long time. After all, you don't want to keep getting used to it. Therefore, choosing the right accounting program is important right from the start. With this specialist article, we offer a great overview: Our overview in this test (status for 2021) shows which accounting programs are available in the cloud.