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Single test: Philips MoistureProtect hair straightener HP8372 / 00

If you have curls, you want straight hair, if you have straight hair, you want waves or curls. You always want what others have. Fortunately, there is help in the hair styling area to get exactly what you want.

The hair straightener comes from the same series as the MoistureProtect hairdryer (see page 54). In terms of looks, the two products form a team, because the hair straightener is also presented in elegant white and pretty pink. On the top of the straightener are the buttons for switching on and off as well as the temperature settings. The MoistureProtect function can also be set here. As with the hair dryer, a sensor analyzes the hair 30 times per second and adjusts the temperature of the plates accordingly. This preserves the natural moisture in the hair, but the hair is still straightened.


The straightening iron doesn't take a minute to reach the desired temperature. There are three temperature levels: 150 degrees, 175 degrees and 200 degrees. The settings are suitable for different hair structures, from fine or colored hair to normal to thick hair. Thanks to the MoistureProtect function, the hair adapts even better to the hair structure in all settings and ensures optimal straightening results. The current temperature can be read on the practical display. As soon as the straightening iron is warmed up, it can be used. A little caution is required at the lower end of the product, because if you hold the straightening iron far down, you can pinch your fingers there. However, further handling is very pleasant. The long cable makes it difficult to get into conflict; since it moves with it, there is also no risk of it wrapping itself around the straightening iron. The movable ceramic plates turned out to be particularly pleasant. These rebound imperceptibly, but ensure that hair breakage is prevented. Several tests were carried out with the straightening iron, all of which were positive. Different hair structures can be straightened relatively quickly and continuously. While the effect of cheap hair straighteners often fizzles out after a few hours or after the first wash, with the use of Philips MoistureProtect it persists even after shampooing.


In addition to straightening hair, straighteners can also conjure up waves. If you place individual strands of hair between the ceramic plates, turn them around 180 degrees with the MoistureProtect and slowly pull the straightener down, creating beautiful, gentle waves. For a particularly natural look, you should twist the strands in different directions. Here, too, the advantage of the easily movable ceramic plates is evident. The Philips MoistureProtect comes with a practical storage case for storage.


The Philips MoistureProtect straightener looks great and does its job effectively. A bit of caution is required in handling, but this is a matter of habit and basic work with the straightener works optimally. With different hair structures, consistently good, long-lasting results and shiny, straight hair were obtained.

Price: around 90 euros

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Philips MoistureProtect hair straightener HP8372 / 00

Upper class hair straightener

02/2020 - Sophia Nigbur

Equipment & technical data
Price:around 90 euros
Manufacturer:Philips, Hamburg
Phone:040 808010980 
Technical specifications:
Cable length:2 m
Heating time:approx. 15 sec
Maximum temperature:200 ° C
Coating heating plates:Ceramics
autom. Shutdown:after 60 sec
+Cable joint, display
Class:Upper class