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Prepper list 2021: What you need to survive (+ PDF)

The prepper is well prepared. This means that you can react to a wide variety of situations in an emergency.

Therefore, I am now introducing you to my prepper list (also downloadable as a checklist as a PDF below). You will learn what you need to ensure your survival in an emergency.

Why you should take precautions - why prepping?

Prepping is more widespread than ever before. More and more people are preparing for the worst.

They're like that to various disasters prepared and can take appropriate action. They want to ensure their own survival and that of the family, if that is possible.

Three important things to start with:

  • I would like no panic stir up. You should always view emergency situations with a certain sobriety, but seriousness.
  • Every prepper list is individually. Everyone has different needs. One has a family, another lives in the country and some even expect a zombie invasion.
  • If possible, act in solidarity and support those around you.

Epidemic / pandemic / plague

Emergency situations are, for example, an epidemic (infectious disease in one country), a pandemic (worldwide infectious disease) or an epidemic.

Due to the expansion of air traffic, the risks of such dangers have increased worldwide in recent years.

A virus spreads around the world in a matter of days.

Especially the current one Coronavirus scares people and it is important to prepare accordingly.


There is also a danger of wars. In some countries the situation is uncertain, so it is worth being prepared for it.

It is then important to secure yourself well with regard to your own belongings.

Stable protection against intruders is an important factor. For example, a well-developed cellar.

terrorist attacks

Terrorist attacks are also a danger to you and your family. For example, an attack on that power grid or even on one Nuclear power plant.

That can also be a Hacker attack be. As a result, the supply sometimes fails.

Therefore, prepare for the Self-sufficiency in an emergency in front.

Environmental disasters

And last but not least, fear of an environmental disaster drives many people.

Floods, Tsunamis, Droughts or Storms represent an existential threat in extreme cases. It is therefore worthwhile to be prepared for these emergencies and to make the right preparations for protection.

So that a possible disaster doesn't catch you completely cold, you design your prepping equipment according to certain guidelines and suggestions.

Connoisseurs and experts assume certain factors as the basis for survival. These lists are internalized by experienced preppers.

If you stick to this prepper list, there is a very simple way to increase your chances of survival.

Prepper List: What's Crucial?

A prepper list includes various components. Basically, however, those in the know first distinguish between the elements Emergency supply are needed and the equipmentthat you provide for the fastest possible escape.

Equipment is needed when you no longer have time to pack up the important things and have to react immediately.

This is the case, for example, if your accommodation is overrun. If a large crowd of unauthorized persons is approaching your shelter, then you immediately reach for it Escape backpack and start the controlled retreat.

Accordingly, it is also crucial that all of your family members also have one packed rucksack ready to have.

In extreme cases, there is often no time left to gather various utensils.

Tools as basic equipment for construction and protection

This is at the top of the list for prepping right tool.

Because that's what you need to build a safe shelter for you and your family. You can also use high-quality tools to repair damage to your protection.

For collecting and Processing of wood, for the Food preparation as well as for that Lighting a fire Good quality tools are also essential.

You should attach importance to branded goods that stand for good workmanship. Because you can be sure that the tool will last a long time. Quality tools are stable and are easy to use.

Here is my recommendation for tools:

You should also take the following equipment with you:

Secondly, it is crucial that you have the Ensure basic services. This increases the chances of survival.

Let's start with the most important element: water!

Water as an important supply element

The secure supply of water is of immense importance. Because the human organism can do without water for more than three to four days.

A water consumption of around four liters per person per day should be planned (2.5 liters per day is the absolute minimum). It's not just about absorbing fluids.

It is also important that Water for hygiene and Cook to use. The four liters are divided roughly as follows: two liters of drinking water, one liter for personal hygiene / cleaning and one liter for cooking.

You store the water in Water barrels. This is also a promising way of collecting rainwater (is rainwater potable?). You then fill this into smaller 30 to 60 liters Water canister

It is important that you make the water drinkable with treatment tablets. In this way you prevent illnesses.

Water disinfection tablets are a great idea. It is also advisable to boil the water before consuming it in order to kill the germs.

Tip: If a crisis occurs, you need to react quickly. You fill up as many water tanks as possible.

These are

  • the bathtub,
  • all of the sinks in your house as well
  • all buckets and pots.

If you are on the run, then you choose your shelter with a view to a possible water supply.

That means that you are for example settles on a river or lake. In this case, too, it is important to make the water you want to drink drinkable.

In my article "Survival: the ultimate water guide [find, collect, filter]" you will find everything you need.

Another good option is water filters, which you can get hold of in advance. LifeStraw water filters are very popular here.

Maintain a supply of food

Almost as elementary as hydration is Nutritional intake. Because the human organism cannot survive even without food.

Even a few days without food make for a significant Weakening of the body. And with a weakened organism you are easily vulnerable.

So put one in any case large stock that is enough for you and your family. Various articles are recommended: Rice is a real classic when it comes to creating a supply. Because rice has a particularly long shelf life and is easy to prepare. Furthermore, pasta, flour and oatmeal have a long shelf life.

In addition, offer Canned food at. They are different fruit, but also vegetables.

Beans and similar legumes not only score with a long lifespan of several years, they also bring you a good portion of protein. This is especially important if you are not eating enough meat in an emergency.

Fish is also easy to store, at least if you rely on the canned offerings. Some of these can be kept for more than five years and are a good option for long-term storage of food.

With regard to the cans, you will of course need the appropriate tools. These include:

sugar and salt are one of the ingredients that can be kept almost forever. Therefore, they should not be missing in your food supply. Salt is also important for preserving food.

Also honey is one of the long-running hits. At first glance, this may seem dispensable in the supply warehouse. Keep in mind, however, that this natural source of sugar is also a good remedy. It is the right helper for sore throats, but is also suitable for wound care in the event of injuries.

Tip: When storing food in your pantry area, you rely on that established FIFO system. Fifo stands for "First in, first out".

This means that whatever food is stored first should be consumed first.

You organize the processes for this as follows: If you manage to get fresh food, it will be packed to the back of your storage space. You prefer the older elements on this occasion.

Here is my list of foods that are long lasting and nutritious:

  • Sugar and salt
  • Tins of fish and vegetables
  • Beans and other legumes
  • Rice, pasta and oatmeal
  • honey
  • Milk powder
  • nuts
  • coffee and tea
  • Flour
  • Energy bars

Self-sufficiency with vegetables

If you have a green space, it is advisable to use it for the Growing food to use. You don't have to have a green thumb for that.

It's best to use simple vegetables that grow easily. Recommend here

  • Radish,
  • Carrots,
  • Salad,
  • Beetroot and
  • Zucchini.

However, water must be planned for growing the vegetable plants.

Do not forget the following equipment for self-catering:

Self-sufficiency with fish and meat

What if you run out of food?

Then you have to know how To hunt and fishing is working. And also how you process the fish and meat. So be sure to acquire this knowledge.

Here is my list for the basic equipment:

  • To hunt
    • binoculars
    • Slingshot
    • crossbow
    • arc
    • Trapping
  • fishing
    • Fishing rods
    • roll
    • Fishing line
    • Fishing lures

Fire as an important element for the shelter

A fire is important for your camp for a number of reasons. On the one hand, a fire and several candles make a good one possible Illumination of the area. In twilight conditions and at night, this is a great advantage with a possible Power failure for a longer period.

There is also a blazing fire Keep animals awaylooking for food. To actively drive them out, you bet Torches a.

But fire is just as important for them Food preparation. You can fry meat and the like or heat beans and similar ingredients. There is also a fire for that Decoction of water necessary.

If you get into an emergency situation during the cold season or over a long period of time, you use a campfire and stones warmed by the fire as heat sources. This is how you can prevent frostbite.

Here is my list for the basic equipment:

Also read: "How to light a fire quickly and easily with the fire steel (instructions + video)".

Put the right clothes together

Different demands are made on clothing for preppers. So it is important that the clothes have the Keeps body warm.

Because in an emergency, the heating systems may well fail. Even when you're out in nature, you have to keep your body warm. This is especially true for the night.

Since you probably have a lot of different textiles that you rarely wear, packing your backpack is easy. You simply put little worn items of clothing aside at an early stage so that they can be used in an emergency.

Just make it clear to yourself that the clothes don't have to look chic or trendy. It has only one purpose: It should ensure your survival!

You also keep in mind that you may be wearing the clothes for a long time. Changing clothes is not always possible. This is why Thermal clothing a good choice.

In any case, prepare textiles that are put on one on top of the other. So you can do it Onion stylethat warms the body. The cold doesn't come too quickly through the various locations.

The jeans are ideal as trousers. Because these models are particularly resistant and robust.

Tip: There is an advantage when you change your clothes mend it yourself can. Anyone who is skilled here can plug holes and co. In the textiles in times of crisis without any problems. It is best to train your skills before a crisis occurs.

Protection from rain

In order to be prepared for the different weather conditions, you think of one Rain jacket or one Rain poncho.

Here is my recommendation for the basic equipment:

In this context, rubber boots are also important. And since the organism gives off a lot of heat through the head, one can Cap not missing.

Basically, you pay attention to suitable footwear when prepping. Light sneakers or thin cloth shoes are definitely the wrong choice.

You need robust boots and all-weather boots. These ensure a good grip on almost any surface.

Make sure that the models have a stable sole feature. Breathable properties are also important.

For the cold days, boots with a soft and warm lining are indispensable. The tight lacing guarantees the optimal fit of the footwear.

Clothing for a disease or a pandemic

If you want to prepare for an epidemic or a pandemic, you need protective clothing and respirators.

In the winter of 2009/2010, the pharmacies prepared for the "swine flu" H1N1 with various breathing masks.

2020/2021 will now focus on the Coronavirus prepared.

What can help you:

Attention: A surgical face mask is of little help against viruses (e.g. against the coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2). Read more about protective measures with a hygienic mask / surgical face mask at the Robert Koch Institute.

Do fine particle masks protect against the coronavirus?

Yes, much better than a surgical mask.

According to experts, it's just with Fine particle masks possible to protect against infection from droplets.

The masks are also called particle-filtering half-masks (filtering face piece, FFP). The FFP masks are available in the versions FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

FFP3 masks are the most effective protection against viruses. FFP1 and FFP2 hardly protect at all.

Don't forget disinfectants.

Material for the shelter

Anyone who has to leave their home in the event of a disaster needs equipment for sleeping accommodation. Here is a simple one tent in small format.

Likewise is one Plans or a Tarp suitable that you set up on sticks or attach to trees. As sleeping utensils are Sleeping bag or one hammock indispensable. Also one Rescue blanket or Thermal blanket is a practical tool.

Here is the prepper list for the shelter:

When building one Fireplace you pay attention to the distance to the sleeping area. You also secure the fire with a border made of large stones. This will prevent the fire from spreading uncontrollably.

If you really have to flee without your equipment, then read beforehand: "The 7 most important survival tips for survival". Make sure you acquire the knowledge!

Secure means of transport

In times of crisis there is sometimes one quick escape needed. Preppers are prepared for this. You always have an eye on the surroundings and make sure that the escape routes can be used.

Various vehicles are preferred as a means of transportation. The automobile has the advantage that it can transport several people at the same time. That is why families, above all, rely on this type of locomotion.

Really die-hard preppers build theirs in the safe times Caravan out. With this you are flexible (as long as there is gasoline) and have a roof over your head.

You are more flexible on the go with one motorcycle. With this, traffic jams and busy roads can be easily avoided. However, a motorcycle is almost unusable in winter with snow.

However, with both modes of transportation, remember that you have sufficient fuel, such as Petrol or diesel, you need (don't forget the fire extinguisher and fire blanket). And these are not unlimited.

The bicycle is a good alternative. You only do it with your muscular strength. It is best to provide a model that is particularly robust and scores with stable tires.

Some preppers equip their bikes with one Bike trailer on. So you can even transport your equipment quite easily.

Medicine and hygiene

Every prepper is with the in case of illness Basic medication prepared.

These include:

  • Pain relievers (e.g. ibuprofen, aspirin)
  • an antibiotic
  • Paracetamol for fever
  • Preparations for diarrhea (e.g. Imodium)
  • Antihistamines against allergies (more here)

Your First aid kit should contain gauze bandages and bandages. Here is the basic equipment of a good first aid kit:

In my article "First aid kit: assembling and using it" I describe in detail what belongs in your first aid kit, like you Injuries take care of and how you one Printing compound do.

Essential hygiene items include:

  • Toilet paper
  • Items for dental care
  • Curd soap

Orientation, navigation and communication

Often preppers want to stay alone because they fear for their supplies.

But I don't think so, because you won't survive long in an emergency alone. A well-rehearsed group with a lot of prepper survival knowledge is almost invulnerable.

So that you can stay in contact with other people and know how to navigate, I recommend the following equipment:

Knowing how to navigate with a compass and how to determine the direction of the compass is vital.

Read my article "How to determine the cardinal points with the shadow" and also my basic article "Navigation and orientation without a compass".

The thing about the current

I realize that some preppers want to get away from it all. Because the dependence on electricity is great, so we charge batteries with it and operate lights, stoves and electrical devices with it.

However, if you can't do without a flashlight or radio, you can generate your own electricity.

With the equipment listed here, you can recharge your batteries over and over again and operate your devices with them.

Here is my list for the clever prepper:

Pro tip: If you are traveling with the motorhome or you are in a permanent home, so use Wind and water power for power generation.

And if you are at home and the power goes out and your heating stops working, read my article "9 Ways You Can Keep Warm Without Electricity or Heating".

Conclusion: These elements are included in the prepper list

In order to be prepared for almost any emergency situation and to think about a failure of the supply routes, you rely on sufficient food. You store food and, above all, use canned food. Pulses and canned fruit are ideal here.

The Water supply ensure you have direct access to a lake or river. Stored supplies in water bins are a sensible option. Be sure to think about water treatment options.

In this context is also Fire important for boiling. Fire is also necessary to create a warm environment and to deter animals.

Arm yourself with stable Tool that convinces with a long service life. You need these elements to build protection or to secure your environment.

Preppers who internalize this list are well equipped for an emergency!

The prepper list (checklist) as a PDF download

I have made a checklist for you with all my recommendations.

Print out the checklist and go through all things calmly. You will find some things particularly important - others not. It depends on what is important to YOU.

Download the prepper list as a PDF checklist here

Here is a preview:

Questions and answers about prepping

✅ What is prepping? The term "prepping" comes from English. It is derived from the attitude of always being prepared: Be prepared! This has resulted in a scene of people who use individual measures to prepare for various disaster situations.

✅ How did prepping come about? The roots of Prepp can be found in the American Civil War in the 19th century. At that time there was a food shortage, so that people were forced to create their own supplies and fuses.

✅ Which emergency situations can arise? These can be: power outages, diseases such as viruses and bacteria, worst-case scenario, economic collapse, terrorist attacks, cyberattacks, electromagnetic impulses, wars, natural disasters such as floods, storms, droughts, earthquakes.

✅ How do preppers prepare? By storing food and water, erecting protective structures or protective devices on existing buildings, keeping protective clothing, tools, radio equipment, weapons, medication and other things on hand. Many preppers are well versed in bushcrafting and survival training.

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