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Only some actions still work with alexa

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I have a problem with the Harmony hub and Alexa.
When I bought the hub, I created 4 TV campaigns.
One each for Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Netflix and Amazon Prime.
All commands start the TV, adjust the lighting in the room and switch on the respective channel.
The only difference is that the commands for playstation and switch directly select the respective hdmi input and the Netflix actions first open the smart hub, then either press 1 or 2 times to the right and then confirm to start netflix or amazon prime.
Until yesterday I only had one echo dot and everything worked really well, with some delays.
Since yesterday I have a sonos beam under my television and the echo dot has been banished to the kitchen.
Alexa is now running on the Beam and on the Dot.
Since then, only the two actions for the game consoles have been working via voice control.
It does not work when Alexa should start Netflix or Amazon prime.
At first I thought that this was due to the junk micro of the beam, but the echo dot no longer wants to carry out the actions either.
Anyone happens to know what that might be?

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Sonos Beam

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