Starfire has a weakness like Superman

Titans - DC fills the Marvel void on Netflix with blood and violence

The launch of Disney + and the accompanying Marvel Cinematic Universe series heralds the end of an era on Netflix that began with the removal of Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil. However, comic book competitor DC is already one step ahead of Marvel and has already published its first series production Titans on its own streaming service, which can be seen on Netflix in this country. So can DC fill the Marvel void on Netflix in the future?

Titans is grueling, brutal and dark

Fans of the young heroes Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy from the cartoon series Teen Titans or Teen Titans Go! will receive the shock of their lives in the new adaptation. Because Titans is definitely not for kids. Especially in the pilot episode, the aggressiveness of the Harcore-Robins (Brenton Thwaites) reminds of that Violent epic Brawl in Cell Block 99. Blood splatters here, bones are crushed, heads explode, heads burst on asphalt and faces are ground over broken glass and rough plaster. Anyone who thought Daredevil was brutal will be surprised in Titans.

"You are so dark Are you sure you are not from the DC Universe?" - Deadpool

Dick Grayson, the bloody avenger

However, Titans shows that there is much more to DC adaptations than gloomy atmosphere. The first episodes remain As usual, dreary, rainy and full of sad faces, but later the episodes experiment with different moods and genres. Here you can laugh toowhen tinny robots (Brendan Fraser!) remember the taste of greasy food or each other Characters as Game of Thrones fans out. The short detours to Gotham City, however, remain a highlight, as they bring the gothic spirit of the Batman films to life nostalgically and musically.

Heroes with potency problems: The characters in Titans

Even if Titans has dark demon children (Teagan Croft), alien assassins (Anna Diop) and animal shape-shifters (Ryan Potter) as main characters, the series puts a big one Focus on the heroes' vulnerabilitywho have no superpowers. Especially Dick Grayson, the once happy sidekick of Batman, is now an under-challenged police officer who roams the streets at night as a bloody avenger and is visibly traumatized by his lonely childhood in Wayne Manor. He's not a superhero, he's a person with psychological and physical scarswho wants to step out of the shadow of his former mentor.

"Fuck Batman!"- Dick Grayson aka Robin

Two robins are better than one

Even if the series is called Titans, not all members of the heroes get the same attention. Beast Boy in particular quickly degenerates into a marginal figure who absolutely needs its own storyline in season 2. Titans just shines little interest in their own title hero to have. The most elaborate characters in Titans are, surprisingly, the two vigilantes Hank (Alan Ritchson) and Dawn (Minka Kelly), who even get two episodes of their own including an extensive Origin story.

Hank and Dawn are the heart of the season

Because the avenger duo Hawk and Dove stands for all the little heroes who overshadowed by the big names of the Justice League and are crushed under the weight of their own personas, as is Dick Grayson. They bleed and in pain when hit and are people with everyday sensitivities and relationship problems.

Titans feels like a Marvel Netflix series

With its dark realism and concentration on the little heroes of the comic universe, Titans is reminiscent of the Marvel series from Netflix in many ways. This is also found here an extremely slow development of the main storywhich is unnecessarily prolonged and repeatedly interrupted by many so-called filler episodes. For example, the title-giving team only meets for the first time after 5 episodes.

Still, Titans does a lot better than the Marvel Origin Stories. The heroes have their powers (and costumes!) Right from the start, which they develop as the season progresses as they learn more about their origins. In comparison with MCU series, Titans impresses with one much stronger integration into your own comic universe. Numerous Easter eggs, mentions and guest appearances let us feel the whole DC universe: A stark contrast to the almost isolated series from Marvel.

The first season of Titans lacks the most important thing: a season finale

After 11 episodes you will be sitting in front of the TV puzzled and wondering where the next episode has gone. Because actually the first season of Titans should consist of 12 episodes. The planned The season finale was canceled in favor of a cliffhanger and is now being repurposed as the start of the 2nd season. So the story arc about Raven and Trigon as well as numerous character developments remain without a satisfactory resolution at the end.

Batman is a dark shadow in Dick's life

Even if the current season finaleMakes Batman fans happy, still has a bland aftertaste, as the finale is another filler episode and only the last 2 minutes advance the main story. The frustration gives way to the fascination of this unusual DC adaptation, which is only the prelude to an entire series universe in which we would like to lose ourselves many more times.

The first season of Titans was released in Germany on January 11, 2019 on Netflix. All 11 episodes of season 1 served as the basis for this series check.

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