How are djembe drums made

500 djembe drums and other African drums with comprehensive specialist advice. A huge selection of African percussion instruments and accessories in the Djembé Art Shop in Münstermaifeld, near the Moselle & here in the online shop.

Percussion & Melody

Dunun Bass Drums, Bougarabou, Sabar, Kessings, Bells, Talking Drum, Bara, Udu, Kalimba, Sansula, Krin Log Drum, Kpanlogo, Oprente, Balafon, Water Drum, Kora, Ngoni, Bolon, Frame Drums and many more.

Accessories & extras

Djembe bags, tops & ribbons, eardrums, sticks, ropes, rings, blanks, kits, tensioning aids, tools, care products, stands, jewelry, vouchers, fur paints

Our drums are traded fairly. We make sure that our drum makers and also the other manufacturers of instruments and accessories receive a very fair wage, which enables them and their families in Africa to have a good life. Our craftsmen in Mali now receive three times the usual wages. They also receive warm meals and drinks every day and they can use clean showers and sanitary facilities on site, which unfortunately is still not a matter of course for African standards. For us it is not just a question of respect to pay fair prices, it is of benefit to both sides because it helps us to build long-term relationships of trust with very good communication and a high degree of satisfaction on both sides. More details on the About Us page. The effort that our drum makers put in is immense and is unparalleled in Africa. The time it takes to manufacture the instruments is more than four times as high as usual. The quality that results from this is unique and makes buying a djembe a great pleasure. Our craftsmen and we are very proud of the result of these years of cooperation and thousands of customers are enthusiastic about the instruments they have received as a result. We have documented customer feedback on the Feedback page since 2006. Sustainability and species protection are also important issues for us when dealing with nature. With our 'Forest Awareness' label, we mark all musical instruments that have been manufactured in a particularly environmentally conscious manner. On the nature protection page, we explain what we pay attention to in this context.

As your shop for high-quality African drums and accessories, we want you to have a great shopping experience with us when buying a djembe and benefit from our extensive information. We are happy to help you with any questions about African musical instruments:
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'Djembé Art' is THE specialist shop for African drums and musical instruments in Europe and supplies musicians and percussionists worldwide. With over 500 drums in the shop and in stock, individually made single pieces are offered in 6 different value classes with photo, sound and detailed descriptions. In addition, Djembé Art also offers all African percussion and melody instruments that are important when it comes to buying djembe, as well as a very extensive and specialized range of accessories for Afro musicians and drum makers in its own Djembé Art Shop in Münstermaifeld and in the online shop. Many instruments and accessories are produced in small batches especially for Djembé Art or made in our own master workshop. The subject of quality has always been the top priority. Gavin and Martina Grosvenor have invested a lot of time and love in the further development and improvement of the instruments since the 90s and have always broken new ground in order to improve the sound that comes first. Djembé Art provides a lot of information on the subject of 'African Percussion' online. This includes the drum wood lexicon, the sound lexicon, the Know-How page, with important videos and tips on playing technique, drum care, skin changing, tensioning & tuning, professional djembe purchase advice and a very extensive service, as well as our own djembe construction and repair workshop . This is backed by more than 25 years of drum building experience and a life for the djembe.

We love African drums & Djembe rhythms.
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