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Glaser-Radtke has worked for many years as a personnel manager and developer and has dedicated herself to the consulting topics of human resources and change management within the GIM Group. Further focal points are career advice, interim management as well as the search and selection of specialists and executives in the areas of IT, with a focus on SAP, and human resources.

Graduates find it difficult to enter the SAP world

The Hamburg manager emphasizes that the youth craze has subsided: "Thanks to demographic change, we are experiencing a renaissance of experience today, and projects or permanent positions no longer require an age of 35 to a maximum of 40 years." On the other hand, it is increasingly difficult for young professionals to get a permanent position from university. Not least, this is often due to the fact that there are no internships or stays abroad and the desired soft skills cannot be comprehensively proven. "Mixed-age teams and learning with and from each other can help overcome barriers between young and old and make a significant contribution to the success of the project," she is convinced.

Even if it is now one of the common places and should be a matter of course for the activity of the consultant, she explicitly points out the typical skills that distinguish the good from the more average consultant: the recognition of the interaction of the individual processes, in particular the perception and implementation of customer requests. " A "very good communication culture, empathy, a high level of integration and teamwork skills, the ability to criticize and deal with conflict, trustworthiness and a high degree of flexibility and mobility" are essential.


The GIM Group (, an IT service provider from Hamburg and has been on the market for 15 years with a focus on SAP project business and resource management, attaches great importance to the accuracy of the fit between customer requirements and the consultant's performance profile. A personal conversation before the start of the project is mandatory and part of the quality standard. The early involvement of the consultants in the pre-sales phase supports the later cooperation with the customers.

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