Who is a child prodigy programmer

Child prodigies?

"I don't consider myself a prodigy"says Malte. Lukas says: "If you spend a lot of time with the computer, at some point you reach a level where you can use it very well." It is true that the two meet the definition of a child prodigy insofar as they already have skills as adolescents that are normally only achieved in adulthood. They are exceptions because they see problems and come up with solutions that others don't see. The abilities of Nick, Lukas and Malte may not only be based on talent, but rather hard work and, first and foremost, curiosity. But not everyone understands that. Nick, for example, didn't tell his friends for a long time that he was changing the way he was searching the Internet. He was worried they would think he was a nerd.

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Experts repeatedly demand that a lot more programming skills should be taught at school. Some even say that programming languages ​​should gradually replace at least one foreign language. They hope that in this way talents like Malte and Lukas will be promoted. But does this work out?

"You can't do much with what you learn at school"says Malte. He finds computer science classes mostly out of date. Only now in the advanced course is he learning most things from scratch.

Lukas dropped out of school in the tenth grade and therefore only had a few computer science lessons during his school days. "I always went to class and did what we were supposed to be doing for the first ten minutes - and then occupied myself with the things I had just built myself. The teacher was very good. He would have taught me something can, but he had to serve the level of the class ", recalls Lukas.

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Further IT training

Christian Borowski believes that students like Malte and Lukas have to be supported differently. Not with a new compulsory subject, but with electives, as has long been the norm in many federal states. "Inventors are often enthusiastic lateral minds", says Borowski, who in Oldenburg programs Lego robots once a week with primary school students in a group. "If you only program at home, there is a risk that it will become unstructured and no one will be able to read the codes. In a working group for students who already have a lot of programming experience, Malte could learn that he can also use parts of Proxtube for can use other ideas because he recognizes the underlying concepts in his program ", says Christian Borowski.

However, even the best teacher can probably not provide the decisive qualification for a programmer. An inexperienced person surfs the Internet, comes across a problem and thinks: "Hm, not possible. That is probably the case." A person who is gifted in programming probably thinks: "Doesn't work. Why doesn't it work?" And then he starts looking for a solution.

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