What violin do you play

"... and do you play the violin too?"
This question accompanied the son of the famous violinist Carl Flesch (1873-1944) for a lifetime. With this sentence he begins his life story, which is at the same time the story of his father and the history of musical life in a time of upheaval and great darkness. An incredibly captivating excerpt from the musical and cultural history of our century.
A lively kaleidoscope emerges in front of the reader's eyes, into which excerpts from letters from famous contemporaries, quotes from diary entries, character descriptions by famous musicians, anecdotes they have experienced themselves or passed down in the family, and the author's often idiosyncratic views are woven into it.
The valuable, mostly previously unpublished authentic material is not only fascinating for those interested in music, but also of contemporary historical interest: Furtwängler's behavior in the Third Reich, Arthur Schnabel's "Creed of a misunderstood contemporary composer", the delightful theory about stage fright, the atmosphere in the artist's room, the the often depressing lives of "child prodigies" and "artist women" - in short, a panorama of an era, written with refreshing humor and spiced with many anecdotes.

Content text:Preface
"The show must go on!"
The artist and his audience
teacher and student
Child prodigies
Carl Flesch Memoirs-Hubermann-Hans Keller
Contemporary music and composers
Alma Moodie
Art, politics and economics
Carl Flesch as a person
Children of famous parents
Artist women
Wilhelm Furtwängler
Artur Schnabel
Schnabel as a person and as an artist
Schnabel as a composer
Schnabel / Flesch-the break
Hostility, misunderstandings and more harmless things
Side lights
Max Dessoir
Fritz Kreisler
Willem Mengelberg
Hermann Scherchen
I. "From the workshop" exchange of ideas on technical and musical questions
II. Two letters about an edition of Schumann's Violin Concerto
III. Correspondence with contemporary composers
IV. Correspondence about existing repertoire
V. Something about Edouard Lolo's Symphonie espagnole
VI. Les six sonates pour violon seul de J.S. Bach, par Carl Flesch
VII. Hugo Heermann on the Brahms Violin Concerto
VIII. Escape from Iowa, features by Carl Flesch
IX. Letter from the Field (1915)
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List of figures
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