What are some beauty tips for women

Beauty tips for women over 40

How diet and lifestyle affect our appearance

The skin is our largest organ - over time it loses its elasticity, which is why parts of the face such as cheeks or eyelids sag and wrinkles form. There are also expression lines - some are bothered by them, for others they are part of life. Environmental toxins that stress the skin and the so-called bluelight of cell phones or monitors should not be underestimated either. That is why more and more manufacturers are relying on deep cleansing anti-pollution products and anti-bluelight products. To get one thing straight up front: you can't stop time and you can't expect to look like a twenty-year-old at 40, 50 or 60. Nonetheless, there is a lot you can do to look significantly younger. Because there is one thing we don't want: to look older than we are!

Beauty tips for women over 40

On the one hand, you can support this with a lot of moisturizing care and later, for example, with collagen products - all of these products belong to the umbrella term anti-aging. On the other hand, our way of life has an enormous influence on our appearance. From a certain age, our lifestyle is literally written on our faces! You should start shifting down a gear by the age of 40, at least if you want to look fresh and young for a long time. Beauty comes first and foremost from within: Avoid too much alcohol, sunbathing for hours and, best of all, stop smoking - nicotine in particular causes aging a year earlier. Too much sugar and poor nutrition also make us look pale. Instead, get plenty of fresh air, eat well-balanced meals, and drink plenty of sugar-free and non-alcoholic drinks. Enjoy the sun in moderation - it's not about living an ascetic life from the age of 40. But you should learn to enjoy more and not partying every weekend as if it were the last.

The most important beauty tips summarized:

Don'ts - what you should avoid now at the latest:

  • long sunbaths - make wrinkles and intensify pigment spots
  • Nicotine - constricts the blood vessels, makes the complexion pale
  • too much alcohol - draws moisture out of the skin
  • too much sugar and junk food - make the skin look pale, it is not supplied with sufficient vitamins
  • incorrect care - this can irritate the skin

Do - these tips should be heeded from 40:

  • Always remove make-up before going to bed - the pores must be able to breathe so that the skin can recover overnight
  • Sleep at least eight hours a day - rest makes you look relaxed
  • Eat lots of fresh food - good nutrition is the key to more beauty
  • drink enough water - makes the skin look plump
  • Going out into the fresh air a lot - this increases blood flow to the skin
  • Use skin care appropriate for your type - this is the best way to support the skin against wrinkles from the outside

Make-up for women over 40

Women over 40 also enjoy make-up - but now we have grown-up, beautiful women as role models and no longer the Bravo stars. Do you love pink lipsticks in summer? No problem, but cheeks and eyeshadow can then be more subtle. You are also welcome to be dramatic and eccentric - you will earn applause for the right occasion. The ugly term “age-appropriate” is only supposed to mean that everything in life has its time to be stylish. We don't want to see a twenty-year-old running around like Mutti either.

Lots of beauty tips for women over 40!

Date: 06/02/2020
Author: Tanja Seiffert