How can I manage log files

If you collect the logs stored in this device, you can track detailed access data to the device, the identities of the users, the use of the various device functions and error histories.

The logs can be cleared at regular intervals to free disk space.

The logs can be viewed using the Web Image Monitor or the log collection server. Collected logs can be converted to CSV files and downloaded at the same time. You cannot read it directly from the hard drive.

Protocol types

There are three types of logs stored on this device: the job log, the access log, and the environmental log.

  • Job log

    Stores detailed information on user file-related operations such as copying, printing, and saving in the Document Server, and control panel operations such as sending scanned files and printer reports (such as the configuration list).

  • Access log

    Stores details of logins and logouts, operations with saved files (such as creating, editing and deleting), service technician operations (such as hard drive formatting), system operations (such as viewing log transfer results), and security operations (such as specifying encryption settings, detecting unauthorized access, user lockout, and firmware Authentication).

  • Environmental protocol

    Stores details about the main switch ON, OFF, transitions in power status, job execution times, time intervals between jobs, paper consumption per hour and energy consumption.

  • For details on the log collection server, see its user manual.

  • If you are using the log collection server, you must configure the log transfer settings for the log collection server.