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Root Pouch 30L with handle

Root Pouch plant containers are made from recycled plastic bottles and natural fibers. The environmentally friendly material ensures good ventilation of the roots and prevents waterlogging. The planters are capable of pruning roots and, thanks to their porous material, allow the heat to escape through evaporative cooling. All kinds of plants grow in Root Pouches, regardless of whether they are vegetables, herbs or ornamental plants. The resistance to insects and diseases is significantly increased. Fabric flower pots are more effective than plastic or clay pots and cheaper like raised beds.
A very branchy and fibrous root structure is the key to fast growing plants with large flowers and fruits. Roots that come into contact with the inner wall of the tissue penetrate and grow into the tissue. The hard fabric of the bag prevents roots from forming at the tip and thus cuts off branching. The plant responds to this type of "aerial pruning" by branching the pruned root and increasing root growth, resulting in a dense root ball with a higher number of active, white root tips. The fibrous roots are much more efficient and allow plants to grow water. and to maximize nutrient uptake in the surrounding soil.

Advantages of the Root Pouch:

  • Rarely repotting
  • Higher water and nutrient intake
  • Reusable
  • No breaking in frost or dropping
  • Light weight
  • Roots are cooled in hot weather
  • Suitable for all types of plants
  • Prevents the growth of ringlets in the roots