Chromebooks are overrated

Overrated demand for “phablets”?

Phablet is already the bad word of the year, but it can hardly be avoided, as the term for smartphones with oversized displays has practically already established itself. But how big is the demand for smartphones with a display larger than 5 inches? Apparently not in the way that has been suggested so far.

Every manufacturer is throwing such devices on the market this year without really equipping them with special functions for a specific target group, as is the case with the Galaxy Notes from Samsung.

Current figures from Flurry show that the active use of devices with displays beyond the 4.9 inch limit is still very low, at least at the moment. Most users almost inevitably own a device with a display between 3.5 - 4.9 inches, but this will change a lot this year. I don't think that the figures or the entire statistics from Flurry also reflect the actual market situation for the next few months, because the so-called phablets will only really get going this year.

The use of larger devices will definitely increase if you set the limit from smartphone to phablet at 4.9 inches. Devices with such large displays have hardly existed before, which is why the market share has inevitably been rather small.

However, a real phablet is also specially designed for the gap that exists between tablets and smartphones. New high-end smartphones such as the Sony Xperia Z or Samsung Galaxy S4 are rated as phablets by bare numbers, but actually they are not.

Huawei, HTC, LG and so on already have or will soon be launching devices with a diagonal of at least 5 inches.

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(via Heise Quelle Flurry, thanks "Thunder 3000")

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